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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What you think is right V What you know is right

Over the past year i've come upon a very serious dilemma as to choose between what i think is right and what i know is right...seems confusing right..let me make it simple

What you think is right is what u personally believe based on your experience and moral values as to be the right desicion


What you know is right is what a reasonable and rational person would do in that particular situation

Still confused..let me give you a good example...last sunday i was listening to and they had a segment on people's problem or somethin like that...there was this gal seems in a marrying age...she's with her bf and now her ex has returned back from overseas after a few years...and now she wants to meet up on a date to have a serious conversation with him..Now here's the dilemma whats the right thing to do? if you look through her eyes as she said "breaking up with him was the hardest thing ever" and now she feels that she is genuinely pursuing or at least clarifying it...i wont blame her...she may really love it wrong?

How about that guy..he said that he would be with her if she was not attached but since's she attached he does not want to pursue it but he still goes out or at least stays in touch with in his mind he's not doin anythin wrong..maybe just following his heart..

How about the innocent third party..i qoute they have been together for a year and "he's the greatest guy possible" does he feel?..up to that night he doesnt know...i sincerely pity him

So back to my topic before everyone gets sidetracked everyone has different views but the right thing to do in my opinion was never ever to have extended the relationship beyond the point of a 1 time a rational third party i would have to say they shoudls have backed away the moment they knew they still had this is a dilemma that 80% of the population will have...what everyone decided will be distinct but keep in mind every action does possess its own consequence..

so back to today's topic so what should we do in our life...what u think is right or what you know is this moment it may seem simple..but if you ever have the misfortune to be involved in any situation of conflict..things may not seem so simple...even for myself i have found it really hard to focus and make the best decision but i try my best at that time to ensure to make the most "correct" conclusion we are only human...

New Blog

My new day had lah some semangat to create, blog..i've found blogging to possess a very threapeutic (thats a big word) element to your soul..i gets you closer to evryone..a great way to stay in touch...i have always been a strong believer of sharing knowledge and growing together...