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Monday, December 31, 2007


This year is a little different as i don't feel the New Year mood..I don't have my usual excitement this year..So its my philosophy time again...Sharing my thoughts again....A new year..A new beginning...A time to reminisce the past and look forward to the future..At the end of a year, we should take a moment and have a short flashback for the year that has passed...First be grateful for all the wonderful things you have in your life...Then Examine the mistake especially the 'I wish i Did not' 's, reflect upon what you have done and extract the lessons learnt..Mistakes are so common but what's important is never making the same mistakes again. That means learning and growing up. The next part of our reflection should be a flashback of every happy memory..Every moment you smile..Every moment you have felt joy being around someone you love..Every moment you felt alive...Lastly Its time to focus on our dreams and aspirations...Focus on whatever that brings you personal satisfaction in life. What is life without hope and having something to look forward too.

It is also a time for us to make new year resolution also...I do make a few every year and rarely do i Achieve it but for this year I'll try my best to fulfill my resolutions. 'Semangat Semangat Sikit' this time...what is it? I shall decide later tonight...So its a night to have fun..Its a time to Have Hope..Hope of a greater year ahead...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Federal Court Landmark Decision

On Thrusday the Federal Court (the highest court of the land) decided on two interesting decisons and I shall seek to summarize it and highlight its profound importance to the public

The Case of Subashini

A sad case where when family relationship turns sour and children are left to pay the price. In summary Mum and Dad got married. Mum and Dad have two kids, both minor (that means the kids are below 18). As a minor, kids have very limited right and no right to make decisions thus this "Important Responsibility" is left to the parents (Sadly for Kids the separation has made them the Guinea Pig of the battle). Dad converts and embraces Islam. Dad and Mum have not legally Divorced. Dad wants to claim custody through Syariah Court. Mum has no right to appear in Syariah Court. Dad and Mum married under Civil law thus logically they should be divorced by the same court. Dad Converts one of the Children. A real mess isn't it?

Federal Court is looked upon as the supreme arbitrator where there is conflict or confusion in the law. Faith is placed for them to decide,clarify and bring an answer.

Their Decision

1. The issue of Divorce thus also the issue of custody should be decided by the Civil Courts but does not eradicate the rights of the Syariah Court.

2. The Father as a Parent has the right to convert the Child.

Note: This case was dismissed on the grounds of technicality, In this case by failing to comply with a stipulated timeframe thus It will be decided by a High Court again upon a new application.


The Conflict of Syariah and Civil Courts have been given some clarity in the aspect that Civil Courts is the right place to pursue any remedy. But note without a definite and clear decision it is subjective to the court of the day.

The Disturbing issue is the ability to convert the child and sadly the child has no choice on this issue.


Parliament should rationalize the jurisdiction of both this courts, making it clear who has jurisdiction on which issue. I would strongly support that the Children be given a right of choice upon turning 18.

The Case of The Professor becoming a JC

First what is a Judicial Commissioner (JC) ? A JC can sit as a judge in the High Court. For those not familiar with the court system..this is a brief outline of courts


Court of Appeal and Federal Court only hear appeals and don't conduct trials. They hear only appeals on points of law or facts raised. Thus the High Court is the Highest Court when you can have your trial and it is well respected with learned judges. The Professor is required to have been practising as an Advocate and Solicitor for 10 years. The conflict arises as she has not been in practice for 10 years.

Yes, She is qualified and it is interesting to read the rationale behind the decision as it was a split decision

The term Practising as an Advocate and Solicitor means she must have been working as a lawyer which would also inevitably lead to court attendance and being knowledgeable in court procedure and practice. This is important as Court Procedure and Practice is Different than what is in textbooks. Apart from that as a practising Advocate and Solicitor, She would not not have been a stranger to law in action. But in her Defence she is knowledgeable and talented based on her reputation in University Malaya, The Talent and Ability to be a great judge is special as it requires a vast amount of knowledge and the ability to understand and interpret the law. In simple terms it requires profound intelligence. The law changes constantly and must adapt to the surroundings and development but must maintain its integrity and staunch belief in the idea of justice and fairness.

Letting Go

A topic that is close to me heart, It is one of my greatest weakness, An event that kills my heart and eventually becoming less of a person. Though you may lose some sense your humanity, in return you gain maturity and propriety in such situations. Humanity? That's a real overstatement but my definition of humanity includes the ability to feel, ability to experience rush of emotions,and the ability to fell alive. What use does it serves to live a life without learning how to love, how to enjoy the small things, having things make you happy and also upset. We were never meant to be born of the heart of stone but with a warm, kind and a loving heart.

Letting someone go is Painful. Nothing else could explain it...its has never been easy and it will never be...We compensate ourselves by telling ourselves that this is for the best..its the best thing to do...and my favourite excuse; 'it is meant to be'...In reality we are scared..scared of something..usually of pain..But in certain situations i have to contradict what have i said earlier that in some situation letting go is the right thing to do...The right thing is dangerous because it is subjective to a person and i always advocate only deciding when you are in a rational state of mind. Why i hate letting go:

1. How can you let go of someone you care

2. How can you let someone come into your life and touch your heart and just leave

3. How can you live knowing that someone you care so much will never be there again

4. How can you open your heart to someone and find out you meant so little

5. It hurts because your heart keeps on thinking and thinking and reminding you of that person

I am amazed with so many people that have no sense of attachment at all, NO SENSE OF ATTACHMENT, they really have born with the heart of stone or life have made them such...surprisingly ME 'the king of attachment' am evolving...but i always remind myself never forget that attachment brings so much of happiness, so much joy and makes my existence more meaningful. Learning how to let go is part of life and is a step from when we move from the Songs of Innocence to the Songs of Experience.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hindraf-The Aftermath

The Hindraf issue has been one of the highlights of the year as it has been the first time in the memory of our younger generation that there have been protest on racial grounds. It is normal to listen to the opposition protesting or groups fighting for certain goals but the issues that Hindraf has raised has the ability to threaten the foundation of our very country. I would like to note that my comments would be based on my observation and personal interpretation from conversations and news and not prejudicial or bias in any manner. I intend to provide a balanced discussion on this topic....Everyone must have heard what is this movement fighting for but from this I have to ask why? and is it worth it?

Why?...that has been well reported but after speaking to many friends on this issue, i am shocked to learn that there has been a common voice of dissent. You would be surprised to know it is not the RM1 million or their rights being neglected but it is because of the demolition of Hindu temples. I have found that the recent demolition of Hindu temples throughout the country has outraged the Indian Community....Who's responsible for that? the local council are the main culprits and also some state government officials. However it must be noted that the temples themselves were unlicensed and also built on land not belonging to them. In my opinion the point that the temples are unlicensed is ridiculous but i have to agree with the point of the land belonging to the state government. So there has been good argument raised in justifying the demolition of this temples but think about it how can we order the demolition of places meant for religious devotion? I believe and respect every religion but this issue has been handled badly..very badly..they should have been more sensitive to this issues as it involves religious beliefs! The state government should have provided alternatives or a longer time frame before ordering the destruction of Temples. The temple officials also have to work together with the local authority to find a amicable settlement to the problem. I even heard there were CDs released highlighting the destruction of Hindu Temple throughout Malaysia.

In my opinion this was the bomb and Hindraf was its trigger. This was made worse by the demolition of a temple in Klang if my memory serves me correctly few weeks before the rally which some may remember when the Hindraf Leaders were arrested for the first time when obstructing the demolition of the temple. This was the common voice of dissent from my observation, The Hindraf leaders have made a name for themselves and right now the leaders in MIC especially our famous Works Minister is feeling the pressure.

So is it worth it? I have to say that they have done well by raising issues but they have gone way way way too far. To be honest I am impressed with the crowd that gathered but The Organizers made a bundle of errors in dealing with this issue in my opinion. In Particulars the term 'ethnic cleansing', What was he thinking? Oh my god...He must have enjoyed being in the international spotlight but it does not matter as do you honestly think they will support you to bring change. POLITICS AND ECONOMY RULE THE WORLD, NOT THE FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE especially when its not TRUE. They should have focused more on raising issues waiting for the action to be taken instead of them taking action. They must have made it peaceful not violence.

The Aftermath? TV3 is now berita propaganda hehe...I watch their news but sometimes i just cant stop laughing for example where they reported that India has the highest amount of Poor people in the world when the Hindraf leaders were in India. Other than that they have deferred the raising of tolls of major must be given to bersih also and i believe that the claim that petrol prices will be increased next year may not become a reality until the end of General Election. The Government has asked Datuk Seri Samy to list down temples that are in danger of being demolished and find a solution. The Government i hope will be more sensitive to racial issues after this especially reprimanding officials who do not respect the religious beliefs of other races. In particular a state leader that has been accused as the main culprit and if proven, Strict action must be taken against them, don't always adopt the MALAYSIA BOLEH SPIRIT AFTER SOMETHING HAPPENS..prevention is better than cure!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Power of Pain

'Pain' is something that is feared by everyone....My definition of pain is very wide..It can be pain resulting from your body,from your heart or from your emotion..'Pain" is feared as it has the power to cripple every person into a state of despair..Life becomes dull...Life becomes meaningless due to pain...The severity may differ according to the event that leads us to feel such pain...Everyone should know that pain is a part of life. I believe that life is balanced...If there are ups in your life and there will undoubtedly be downs in life...Its like a graph (Sorry for using mathematics), there will be a point of maximum and also a point of minimum. It is certain...So how do i view pain?...I view it more as a test than anything else...I believe god tests us by giving us pain and if we are lucky only difficult situation to see how we would react (I know it may sound stupid..But its my opinion...hehe..)

At this moment where you may see more darkness than light....which is the moment where a person is defined. A person will be defined at the moment of great hardship as this is when we show our best and also our worst. You will also find out who you really are at these moments. Never run away from pain and never push it to someone else because that gives you only a short reprieve from the pain...Eventually it will come back and hit you in a greater force. Being Brave in facing any hardship and learning how to Conquer pain is when u become more matured and as a result...Congratulations you have grown up...I believe a person is the strongest when he is down...You will have more strength than you could ever imagine...your Determination will amaze you and there will be no more darkness. So never despair and take pain as a challenge...Once you have conquered the pain be proud of yourself. Always Remember:

1. Use the power of pain to conquer the pain
2. Always remain Positive and Optimist
3. Always be grateful for all that you have
4. Life is beautiful when you open your eyes

Its Christmas eve..Its time to be with your loved ones and if you have someone that you really love..give that person a warm warm hug...For those that are not that fortunate maybe tonight is the night....listen to some Christmas music and have fun...AND DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Shame on you

Transkip Penuh:
(Parts are slightly inaudible. This transcript may not be entirely accurate.)

Lingam: The CJ (Chief Justice - judiciary’s No 1 post) said his relative is now the Agong, so he wants to stay on to 68, so, Tengku Adnan said - I told Tengku Adnan, yesterday I had a meeting with him - he said PM is already very angry with him … and … he said no problem, he is going to make you acting err… confirm your position as PCA (President of Court of Appeal – judiciary’s No 2), working very hard, and then get Tan Sri Mokhtar as CJM (Chief Judge of Malaya – judiciary’s No 3).
Ah, so we just keep it confidential. I am working very hard on it. Then there is a letter, according to Tengku - I am going to see him tomorrow - there is a letter sent to … ah … CJ - I mean Tan Sri Dzaiddin - that Datuk Heliliah, …er Datuk Ramli and Datuk Maarop be made judges, and he rejected that Dr Andrew Chew and apa itu Zainudin Ismail lah because Zainuddin Ismail who condemned your appointment and Tan Sri Mohtar’s appointment.
And then you also, it seems, wrote a letter for the remaining … confirmed as judges. As per our memo, I discussed with Tun Eusoff Chin and we sent the same memo to PM. I just want to get a copy letter that this has been done.
And then Tan Sri Dzaiddin said he is going to recommend six people for the Court of Appeal, but until today the letter hasn’t come to PM. He never discussed, but neither he has sent the letter to PM. He has not sent. So, I know it is under the constitution, for judges all, that is your job, Datuk, to send, but we don’t want to make it an issue now.Ah, okay. Actually I told Tengku Adnan to inform PM, PM to call you for a meeting. But I will organise this so that Tengku Adnan will call you directly. And then I got your number, I will tell him to call you directly to for you to meet PM lah. Ah… So should be okay, then ar… correct, correct, it is very important that the key players must be there.
Correct, correct, correct. Correct, correct. You know that the same problem that Tun Eusoff Chin had. He tried to do all this and yet he has run out of soldiers. He couldn’t do it because many were from the other camp. Last time was unfortunate because Tun Daim was doing everything sabotaging, you know lah…
Otherwise how are things with you - everything is okay? No, don’t worry. You know sometimes Tan Sri Vincent said that half the time we are talking about judiciary rather than doing the work. But if I don’t do this part, my work will be useless. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ah, yes. Correct, correct, correct, correct, correct. Right, right, right. Correct. Ah. Ah. Right! Susah. You see he has now asked for six Court of Appeal judges, so that he can put his men before he retires.
Correct, correct, correct, ah, and then, ah, ah, correct, correct, correct, correct, correct.
Ah, never mind, I will do this, I will get er… Tengku Adnan to arrange for PM to call you and Tan Sri Vincent Tan for PM to call. You know why, actually, I am very grateful to Tan Sri Vincent Tan, You know why? I brainwashed him so much I even quarreled with him.
One day I went to Vincent Tan’s house, I fired him at night in his house. I said bloody hell, if you don’t do this who will do it? All these people, Tun Eusoff Chin, Datuk Ahmad Fairuz, Tan Sri Zainal all fought for …that. Then he called Tengku Adnan. Tengku Adnan he said, saya bukan Perdana Menteri Malaysia lah, you know. If the old man doesn’t want to listen to me, go to hell.
He quarreled with me. I said never mind, never mind, Tan Sri, you talk to PM again tomorrow morning to put Datuk Ahmad Fairuz to CJM. So next day morning he went and he called me back 9.30 that he said PM has already agreed. So I said never mind, we hope for the best. So I said no harm trying, the worst that it can happen is you lose.
Being the old man, he is 76 years old, he gets whispers everywhere, and then you don’t whisper, he get taken away by the other side. But, now the PM is very alert because every time he gets letters from Tan Sri Dzaiddin, he calls Tengku Adnan, he says discuss with Vincent, come and discuss. And…
Yes, yes, ya. Correct, correct. Ya, but you see although I know PM, but my views … I am a lawyer in practice… my views are… I go through them, I go through them lah.
Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.
And then Dzaiddin will go and tell them you went and saw PM and make a big issue out of it. Oh ya, I think so, I think so.
Okay, fine, fine, fine, fine. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Right, okay, okay. Ah. Ah. Correct, correct.
Now I heard Raja Aziz, Raja Aziz ah, two weeks ago spoke to my lawyer Thayalan, and another lawyer Anad, in the High Court - they have a case with each other. So, Thayalan and Anad asked Raja Aziz, how is Tan Sri Wan Adnan?
He said he is on his way down. But you know what is the shocking thing he said? Datuk Fairuz became CJM. He overruled everybody, in three months time, he is going to be PCA, and six months time, he is going to be CJ. He said I can’t take this shock. He told lah. Ha!
It seems ah that they are going to organise a campaign … they are going to organise a campaign to run you down. But you just keep quiet - don’t say anything. Don’t … even the press ask, you said I leave it to God, that’s all. Don’t say. I really like your message. You said I work very hard, what can I do? I leave it to God. That’s the best answer, Datuk, that you can ever give. Ah.
Yes… I will also get Tan Sri to remind PM to put a Tan Sri ship this year lah. You know, this will elevate you, you know.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ah. Steve Shim got so fast, Tan Sri Chong waited for a whole year to get Tan Sriship.
Ah. My God, that’s why, ah. Correct, correct, correct, correct, ya, ya, ya, ya, right, right, right, correct, correct.
Don’t worry, we organise this. And if Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku Adnan want to meet you privately, they will, I will call you. We organise a private arrangement, in a very neutral place.
No, don’t worry, Datuk, I know how much you suffered for Tun Eusoff Chin. And Tun said Datuk Ahmad Fairuz 110 percent loyalty. We want to make sure our friends are there for the sake of PM and for the sake of the country. Not for our own interest, not for our own interest. We want to make sure the country comes out well.
Well, you suffered so much, so much you have done - for the election petition, Wee Choo Keong, everything. How much, nobody would have done all these.
Yes, you know. Ah. Good lah. You don’t worry. I am constantly working on this. I…
Ya, ya, don’t worry, don’t worry. We work hard on this er Datuk. And if Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku want to see you, I will organise it in a confidential place.
Okay, Datuk, all the very best. God bless you and your family.
Okay. Thank you, thank you. Bye-bye, bye-bye.
[Off Camera Voice]: Who is that Dato?
Lingam: Chief Justice Malaya.
[Off Camera Voice]: Who is that?
Lingam: Dato Ahmad Fairuz
[Off camera voice]: Oh Ahmad Fairuz.
Lingam: I put him up there. Don’t tell this, please. I cannot tell this to Manjit. And he is acting President Court of Appeals Number 2 post. He is next Chief Justice. He always says “I leave it to you.”
[Off Camera Voice]: I thought you were very close to Tun Eusoff Chin, Datuk?
Lingam: He is Eusoff Chin’s man, Eusoff Chin retired. But Dzaiddin hates Eusoff Chin, you understand? Ah..
[Off Camera Voice]: Because you know I…I… far as I know you are very…
Lingam: Eusoff Chin and I are extremely close. Because you know…Yeah. Eusoff Chin in power, I can straight and get in Pom! Pom! Pom! Pom! But now Dzaiddin is there. So Dzaiddin is attacking our cases. That means what? James Kumar is aligned to Dzaiddin. But Dzaiddin is retiring in 15th of September. He is finished.
[Off camera voice]: Next year?
Lingam: So Dzaiddin really wants to go…Don’t worry. Dzaiddin recommended Malik Ahmad to be Chief Judge of Malaya. But we went and “cut” “cut” cut” cut” I and Tengku Adnan and Vincent told PM. I stop him for now, because he is anti-PM. We put Fairuz in. And we put…I told you three months ago he became CJM [Chief Justice Malaya]. He said “Don’t believe.” Then he got it. He rang up to thank me. And all that. He now acting PCA because Wan Adnan is sick. Right? This. Apart from law knowledge you need kow tow. Please understand that. You need to know the emperor. Knowing the law doesn’t give you the winning formula, you must also kow tow to the emperor. Correct or not? So now I am working very hard. So he agreed to meet Vincent Tan and PM and…what you call Tengku Adnan.
[Off camera voice]: Do you think Vincent has an interest over PM?
Lingam: You don’t know about the history. Businesswise may not be successful. Robert Kuok is very brilliant. Lim Goh Tong is very rich. Vincent Tan, you know what PM say? He went to Averton he went to Langkawi. He said bincang. I want you to build a hotel here. His wife pulled him away. [Inaudible] He said Dato Seri I will think about it. The wife pulled him away. There is another [inaudible] cannot get a bank loan. Vincent there. Vincent, can you build a hotel? Ready for next Air show?
I want you do it in 6 months. `Datuk Seri, Don’t worry, I will get it done.’ He paid double the price to get all of them. A big loss lah. Then Solomon Island and Fiji and all, he said, Vincent go and invest there, he went and bought…[inaudible] the government factory [inaudible] you do this project a bit and cover up your loss. PM will do what he want to do to cover your backside.
[Off camera voice]: Vincent is very close to him.
Lingam: That’s right. Don’t ask… because Vincent has taken me to PM’s residence… the house … [inaudible]… Anwar’s case… the lawyers…Wee Cheong … [inaudible]. But I cannot go and talk to PM just like that and say promote this and that…
Because ah, he knows… I am a… but when PM calls me on Anwar’s case, I can tell him… he’ll listen…But if I go promote so and so, that means I got interest. So, I don’t do that. I use Vincent and Tengku, go and do that. I don’t f*** them up. They go
and do that. But I tell you this lah. Don’t tell in front of people, of course. Life, one thing go confidential wrong is dangerous. Ah. Never, never say…You should… never. Even though to PM. You should never say. I don’t know. I always say “I don’t know.” That’s all.
[Off camera voice]: Everybody… I think many people know. Even the son case, everything I talk the father, …. Talk until he agreed.
Lingam: You know me [inaudible]. But I never talk about it. Even the son’s case, I do everything. I talk to the father…Talk until he agreed. But if it is a big crisis that affects him, ….I can talk, he will listen. But if I want to favour somebody, that I cannot guarantee. Because my interest is not his interest. You know what I mean. Tomorrow invest your interest involving your father, I can come say this this this, you will listen. But tomorrow I appeal for me, you are not obliged to listen. Because you are a politician, PM. Politician is what is your interest, not what is my interest. But if I am giving advise on your interest, you will listen. On my interest, you will not. You must be careful about this.
[Off camera voice]: Datuk, I need to ask you this question.
Lingam: Ask me. Ask me.
[Off camera voice]: For a while now…
Lingam: Because we can talk behind these people.
[Off camera voice]:… Actually, I think, you know, Daim has more equity interest in Berjaya than Vincent Tan, isn’t that true?
Lingam: Let me tell you something … [inaudible] was bought by Daim … [inaudible]. Later on he did some deals where Daim supposed to help him. One or two he helped. Supposed to give him some money. Didn’t give. Part was paid, part not paid. Later on Daim called up and he got paid.

"Self sacrifice"

About a week ago, A Malaysian student died while saving a woman from drowning in Australia...He risked his own life to save a life of another...The meaning of the words Courage, Bravery and Self-Sacrifice is reflected in his actions. My condolences to the family but be proud as your son gave his life for a noble cause.

Sometimes in our life we have to make choices where we have put the happiness or safety of others above ourselves, so what would be the correct choice to make.....It would be prudent of me to say that "self-sacrifice" is the only answer But this is not the only answer,I'm sorry for being so negative but over the years I have learnt that being a good guy is not always the best choice. The good ones always suffer but the people that make the smart choices are the one that benefit from every situation. I did not use the term Bad ones is because I'm a staunch believer of "karma", I believe what goes around comes around.....Yeah like the song...So those that that do bad things...U WILL PAY...SOONER OR LATER....But i wont deny those who do bad things do enjoy but remember that's only temporary as the day of repayment will arrive. How do i know? because i have had my fair share of repayments...hehe.....

Now lets compare "self-sacrifice" and being selfish...its a question of much much you care for yourself and how strong are your different people will have different opinions on what do to in a particular situation...i would say 50% of people will choose self-sacrifice and another 50% will choose the option of being selfish...Now would i call those people that choose the selfish option of being bad...If they brought pain to others then yes...but if they didn't,then only the outcome of their decision will be the deciding the end of the day when we are faced with such a situation we may never know what choice we will will be surprised with your decision at that moment...and you will learn a lot about yourself...Such situations are not only limited to saving the life of another but it also appears in your career and personal life...

For me...I have always found making decision that i know that's the best for everyone and not hurting others is always the best..but its not that's why i have to keep on reminding myself and sharing it with others...hehe...I have to practise what i preach right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Napoleon

I have been reading the Sun Newspaper regularly when I'm able to obtain a copy before it runs out..The sun newspaper has a very unique history on its own where it was banned and nearly declared bankrupt but coming back with a revolutionary idea of BEING FREE OF CHARGE..the saying NOTHING IS FREE has been given a huge exception by the Sun..hehe...and you know us Malaysians, we love everything being as cheap as possible and being free, its like a godsend to us. But the thing that really attracts me to the Sun is that they are Bold in exposing scandals and wrongdoing by those in power. Examples are the Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal where certain figures bought the land at a low price and sold the same land back to the government...."Durian Runtuh"...and the other scandal which is my favourite, The Adun that built a mansion without a permit and got away with it...The part that baffles me is how can afford it? The part that really pissed me off is when he had his Raya Open House recently where he invited guest to stay in his Mansion for a night...That was still fine for me but when asked why did he decide to do that he answered...Would you believe it 'they will never have a chance like this'....Now is he being little too arrogant? Does he deserve to represent the constituency of Port Klang...The answer would be NO!!But will he continue to be elected?I Believe he will as long as he his nominated by his own party...Why? the exposure level of his wrongdoing was massive...It was widely reported....But no concrete action was taken...Now he still dares to pull stunts like this knowing that he is invisible..This is a an occasion where the media has lost its battle to speak the truth..This is a sad day...Politicians and those in power must always be reminded that they are not invisible and the media has the power to expose them for all their betrayal of the trust given by the public...Exemplary action should be taken against these politicians such as getting suspended if not sacked...Where their action were criminal in nature 'duduklah lokap beberapa hari'.....

WHY ACTION HAS TO BE TAKEN? if they don't fear the repercussion,these figures will be more bold as they know if they ever get caught...It will be only a situation of 'Tunggu Hujan Habis', Wait it out..keep a low profile for months..Everything will be all right after that...Is this what we want our Little Napoleons to think?

I would like to compliment Mr. Nadeswaran the author of the column CitizanNades that has been pushing strongly to end these Little Napoleons especially with regard to our Port Klang Adun...Every week his column intends to create a greater social awareness of these Napoleons and tries so hard to remind us that never let those that we have put faith and trust upon to fight for our rights trample on our rights while making a buck on it...His Christmas wish would be to see some action taken..True that this figures are still sleeping in their huge mansion but at least know you have made me realize that something has to be done. Never get Discouraged as you serve a greater purpose then to write...You write to speak the truth!

For all those celebrating Hari Raya Haji...Selamat Hari Raya Haji and to the rest have a fun holiday tomorrow.....

Friday, December 14, 2007

The " Video"

The 'Video"....this is the most hotly debated video in all our kopitiam..mamak...a few months ago..everyone must have at least heard it..i shall refer it to as VK to refresh your mind...nowdays must be careful or I might be given an all expense paid holiday to Taiping..(at this moment if you have no idea what im talkin about then READ NEWSPAPER SOMETIMESLAH!!!) hehe....guys and gals we are no more kids anymore....there is more to life than playin games hehe...

Today they just released the full video...I've checked YouTube but its not there yet...but being malayians(our love for Gossip and Drama) shall be there soon...I've watched it and im stunned...I have heard stories of corruption in the judiciary but this is mindblowing...Plotting to manipulate the future of the judiciary is serious..its alarming...The moment we lose our confidence in the judiciary, where are we goin to turn to? ...Let me give a practical example...You have a case where you have been cheated by someone and that person has either bribed the judge or its his "kangtau"(i just love that word..its hard to explain what it means but in the current im trying to explain its his "kaki").....The Courts are respected institutions..judges are viewed as men of integrity...For those that have joined the judiciary..I Sincerely respect the dedication as you are not paid as high as the lawyers in front of you and you are forced to deal with so much of paperwork..i dont think its easy to write judgements...researching the law...taking down notes during trial...having your whole day preocccupied with trials and cases...The worst part would be the restrictions..cant do this..cant do that...You have to sacrifice your personal life for your work. I believe that judges must love their work and the law before even considering this road...When judges join the judiciary they should be conscious and aware of the sacrifice they have to make...If they have any doubt in their mind that they are willing to compromise their integrity then be bold and leave.

For the people implicated in the video..shame on you if its true...but the extended video just brings to light what goes on...we know it but it has never been exposed in such a manner....But I have to be practical thats life...people have always tried and will keep on trying to take advantage of every situation..If u have somethin working to your advantage then why not? I would do the same..How about the video...Damn there are a lot of names...a VK himself good job for losing so much of weight! i wonder what programme he joined..hehe....How about the Royal Commission? First i disagree with the Head... As what i heard and as reported in the papers he screwed his own boss during the the sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas..for those of you at this moment feeling a bit blur dont worry i'll explain. Tun Salleh Abbas the Chief Judge (previously known as Lord President) was sacked together with 2 other Supreme Court Judges (Now known as the Federal Court)....Sorry i dont know the exact details as I was only 3 years old at that time hehe...He supported the move against the Lord President...The Lord President was sacked as they were not the Government 'Kangtau" at that time..Thats Our Malaysia Boleh Spirit, semua pun kita boleh buat...

What is the outcome of this Video? to be honest..I have no idea..I doubt much will happen..But Important Judges remember your duty..Keep your integrity...Here appreciation must be given To Court of Appeal Judge Gopal Sri Ram for delivering fair and just judgements...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Racial Unity...Demonstrations...

Wats Going on? thats the first thing thats crossed my mind...protest after protest....This is really unprecedented..I have never and ever thought that our country would be plagued by the threat of street violence and demonstrations. Now one might ask whether this protest has the support of the majority of average malaysians? hmm..this would be a difficult question to answer as the signs would seem that many malaysians are discontent with the current goverment...but i have to ask what do you intend to accomplish? electoral reforms or causing unneccesary panic...the start of this series of demonstrations has mede everyone look hard at our country. Is it perfect? No...but can we change it? maybe..but what do you want to demonstrating and conducting "walks"..those that oppose the goverment has raised and made the goverment listen...but i strongly believe there is a limit...Lets be practical, this is Malaysia..its is comprised of many races living in harmony for a COMMON GOAL..that is a GGOD LIFE..lets ask every malaysian when he walks on the street in s foreign country...Does He Proudly claim he is an Indian, Malay or Chinese? i Doubt it...i Believe nearly every will introduce himself as being a MALAYSIAN...NEVER FORGET that!...though we are of different races...we are brothers at heart...Never let ourselves forget that..what does our youth feel feel about the current climate? i believe most of them are still oblivious to what is going on? I only have one fear...a repeat of May 13...i work in downtown KL...I never one to find myself one day walkin out of office and having people chasing me with parang and watching people getting slaughtered in front of me!

The goverment has taken the standard approach to handle this matter..lets be practical...we have never allowed protest and never we will....why? because the governmant fears of the "spillover effect" as in Philipines,Myanmar and as what is happenin started with the Bar Council walk to reform the judiciary..for those that have watched the VK Lingham tape it may be justified..but the police have taken a very rough approach to this situation though i wont blame them, they have their orders...If i was a ruling this country i might adopt the same approach..maybe i would have used the ISA a long time ago..But lets not forget those organizing this demonstration are not angels..they have their own ulterior motives...Why would i say that? We are humans..We are not Saints...If these people or even the goverment were so good they would be running charity programmes or running training and education programmes to educate the poor..

So whats the answer to this situation..maybe allwing controlled "walk" over a certain area..maybe around Dataran may seem like a good option..U do what u want as long as around dataran Merdeka..Do it every week for all i care but dont damage and fight with the police..throwing rocks is not the answer..i am an independent third party but please dont give me the excuse the police were rough, the police used tear gas...THEY WARNED YOU DIDNT THEY...the police already declared they wont allow any protest and you expect them to be nice..ain't that ridiculous?

Though there might be discontent but I believe most Malaysian dont care...what we care is whether we can make more money and live a better life...have more time to spend time with our family and kids...the more the country goes into havoc..NOBODY WILL INVEST HERE..Let me give you a good example..for those familiar with penang will know...Investors lose confidence...The whole Bayan Lepas would be unemployed..even the great nasi kandars would lose bussiness...seriously

So but never hurt others...its good to bring up issues but dont cross the limit...always keep it peaceful but never incite others...never create hatred...its the 21st century..look at it rationaly..solve it like educated and refined individuals.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Being Smart or Being Right

Another thought provoking question for this week...we grow up..and by growing up, we are at times required to make rational adult decisions...thats a big word.."rational adult decisions" do we know whether we are making "rational adult decisions"..the thing is we never know until we meet the consequence of our decision..if its all good..kudos you made the right decision..if you dont and your now in what i would refer to as "deep shit"..but then dont despair because thats "life" learn from it.

At times making "rational adult decisions" comes down to two question are we suppose to make a decision thats feels right or that we know is the smartest decision to do. An example is somethin that very common to most teenagers...after a relationship has ended, the question is either letting go or keep fighting for being smart means knowing how to cut ur loss and leaving..but being right it means fighting you may ask why?...being smart means knowing how to evaluate a situation and look at your own benefit at large, that means being able to outweigh the benefit on your side compared to its disadvantage...For those that have no clue of what i have been saying then congratulations you are still in the 'songs of innocence' while the rest that do understand sadly life has brought you to the 'songs of experience'.

What about making the right decision? hmmm..that means making a decison that is of your whole personal reflection of the situation and ultimately being swayed by emotions...A simple situation would be what yourt heart says and what your mind a nutshell making the smart decision is always what your brain decides while making the right decision is what your heart says...but i have to acknowledge making the right decision makes you more alive and gives you a "kick" to your existence..why? making the right decisions require on an average more action than inaction...the more thngs we do..especially those exceptionally different from what we do on an average day makes the day a little more "happenin"

Over the years i have always prefered to choose to make decisions based on what i feel is right but there have been its own repercussions...i have never enjoyed makin smart decisions as it always feel like im doin something wrong but its always ends up being the best decision..learning how to balance both this option will be difficult but never impossible. Deep thought while making any decision is a requirement but sometimes they are always signs to guide you..hei i do believe in seems ridiculous but sometimes...though rare..they is always a helping hand.... anyway got to get back to work (feel bad because like makan gaji buta)..hehe ....thx guys for reading..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What you think is right V What you know is right

Over the past year i've come upon a very serious dilemma as to choose between what i think is right and what i know is right...seems confusing right..let me make it simple

What you think is right is what u personally believe based on your experience and moral values as to be the right desicion


What you know is right is what a reasonable and rational person would do in that particular situation

Still confused..let me give you a good example...last sunday i was listening to and they had a segment on people's problem or somethin like that...there was this gal seems in a marrying age...she's with her bf and now her ex has returned back from overseas after a few years...and now she wants to meet up on a date to have a serious conversation with him..Now here's the dilemma whats the right thing to do? if you look through her eyes as she said "breaking up with him was the hardest thing ever" and now she feels that she is genuinely pursuing or at least clarifying it...i wont blame her...she may really love it wrong?

How about that guy..he said that he would be with her if she was not attached but since's she attached he does not want to pursue it but he still goes out or at least stays in touch with in his mind he's not doin anythin wrong..maybe just following his heart..

How about the innocent third party..i qoute they have been together for a year and "he's the greatest guy possible" does he feel?..up to that night he doesnt know...i sincerely pity him

So back to my topic before everyone gets sidetracked everyone has different views but the right thing to do in my opinion was never ever to have extended the relationship beyond the point of a 1 time a rational third party i would have to say they shoudls have backed away the moment they knew they still had this is a dilemma that 80% of the population will have...what everyone decided will be distinct but keep in mind every action does possess its own consequence..

so back to today's topic so what should we do in our life...what u think is right or what you know is this moment it may seem simple..but if you ever have the misfortune to be involved in any situation of conflict..things may not seem so simple...even for myself i have found it really hard to focus and make the best decision but i try my best at that time to ensure to make the most "correct" conclusion we are only human...

New Blog

My new day had lah some semangat to create, blog..i've found blogging to possess a very threapeutic (thats a big word) element to your soul..i gets you closer to evryone..a great way to stay in touch...i have always been a strong believer of sharing knowledge and growing together...