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Monday, December 24, 2007

The Power of Pain

'Pain' is something that is feared by everyone....My definition of pain is very wide..It can be pain resulting from your body,from your heart or from your emotion..'Pain" is feared as it has the power to cripple every person into a state of despair..Life becomes dull...Life becomes meaningless due to pain...The severity may differ according to the event that leads us to feel such pain...Everyone should know that pain is a part of life. I believe that life is balanced...If there are ups in your life and there will undoubtedly be downs in life...Its like a graph (Sorry for using mathematics), there will be a point of maximum and also a point of minimum. It is certain...So how do i view pain?...I view it more as a test than anything else...I believe god tests us by giving us pain and if we are lucky only difficult situation to see how we would react (I know it may sound stupid..But its my opinion...hehe..)

At this moment where you may see more darkness than light....which is the moment where a person is defined. A person will be defined at the moment of great hardship as this is when we show our best and also our worst. You will also find out who you really are at these moments. Never run away from pain and never push it to someone else because that gives you only a short reprieve from the pain...Eventually it will come back and hit you in a greater force. Being Brave in facing any hardship and learning how to Conquer pain is when u become more matured and as a result...Congratulations you have grown up...I believe a person is the strongest when he is down...You will have more strength than you could ever imagine...your Determination will amaze you and there will be no more darkness. So never despair and take pain as a challenge...Once you have conquered the pain be proud of yourself. Always Remember:

1. Use the power of pain to conquer the pain
2. Always remain Positive and Optimist
3. Always be grateful for all that you have
4. Life is beautiful when you open your eyes

Its Christmas eve..Its time to be with your loved ones and if you have someone that you really love..give that person a warm warm hug...For those that are not that fortunate maybe tonight is the night....listen to some Christmas music and have fun...AND DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!!!!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful. =(