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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Napoleon

I have been reading the Sun Newspaper regularly when I'm able to obtain a copy before it runs out..The sun newspaper has a very unique history on its own where it was banned and nearly declared bankrupt but coming back with a revolutionary idea of BEING FREE OF CHARGE..the saying NOTHING IS FREE has been given a huge exception by the Sun..hehe...and you know us Malaysians, we love everything being as cheap as possible and being free, its like a godsend to us. But the thing that really attracts me to the Sun is that they are Bold in exposing scandals and wrongdoing by those in power. Examples are the Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal where certain figures bought the land at a low price and sold the same land back to the government...."Durian Runtuh"...and the other scandal which is my favourite, The Adun that built a mansion without a permit and got away with it...The part that baffles me is how can afford it? The part that really pissed me off is when he had his Raya Open House recently where he invited guest to stay in his Mansion for a night...That was still fine for me but when asked why did he decide to do that he answered...Would you believe it 'they will never have a chance like this'....Now is he being little too arrogant? Does he deserve to represent the constituency of Port Klang...The answer would be NO!!But will he continue to be elected?I Believe he will as long as he his nominated by his own party...Why? the exposure level of his wrongdoing was massive...It was widely reported....But no concrete action was taken...Now he still dares to pull stunts like this knowing that he is invisible..This is a an occasion where the media has lost its battle to speak the truth..This is a sad day...Politicians and those in power must always be reminded that they are not invisible and the media has the power to expose them for all their betrayal of the trust given by the public...Exemplary action should be taken against these politicians such as getting suspended if not sacked...Where their action were criminal in nature 'duduklah lokap beberapa hari'.....

WHY ACTION HAS TO BE TAKEN? if they don't fear the repercussion,these figures will be more bold as they know if they ever get caught...It will be only a situation of 'Tunggu Hujan Habis', Wait it out..keep a low profile for months..Everything will be all right after that...Is this what we want our Little Napoleons to think?

I would like to compliment Mr. Nadeswaran the author of the column CitizanNades that has been pushing strongly to end these Little Napoleons especially with regard to our Port Klang Adun...Every week his column intends to create a greater social awareness of these Napoleons and tries so hard to remind us that never let those that we have put faith and trust upon to fight for our rights trample on our rights while making a buck on it...His Christmas wish would be to see some action taken..True that this figures are still sleeping in their huge mansion but at least know you have made me realize that something has to be done. Never get Discouraged as you serve a greater purpose then to write...You write to speak the truth!

For all those celebrating Hari Raya Haji...Selamat Hari Raya Haji and to the rest have a fun holiday tomorrow.....

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