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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Racial Unity...Demonstrations...

Wats Going on? thats the first thing thats crossed my mind...protest after protest....This is really unprecedented..I have never and ever thought that our country would be plagued by the threat of street violence and demonstrations. Now one might ask whether this protest has the support of the majority of average malaysians? hmm..this would be a difficult question to answer as the signs would seem that many malaysians are discontent with the current goverment...but i have to ask what do you intend to accomplish? electoral reforms or causing unneccesary panic...the start of this series of demonstrations has mede everyone look hard at our country. Is it perfect? No...but can we change it? maybe..but what do you want to demonstrating and conducting "walks"..those that oppose the goverment has raised and made the goverment listen...but i strongly believe there is a limit...Lets be practical, this is Malaysia..its is comprised of many races living in harmony for a COMMON GOAL..that is a GGOD LIFE..lets ask every malaysian when he walks on the street in s foreign country...Does He Proudly claim he is an Indian, Malay or Chinese? i Doubt it...i Believe nearly every will introduce himself as being a MALAYSIAN...NEVER FORGET that!...though we are of different races...we are brothers at heart...Never let ourselves forget that..what does our youth feel feel about the current climate? i believe most of them are still oblivious to what is going on? I only have one fear...a repeat of May 13...i work in downtown KL...I never one to find myself one day walkin out of office and having people chasing me with parang and watching people getting slaughtered in front of me!

The goverment has taken the standard approach to handle this matter..lets be practical...we have never allowed protest and never we will....why? because the governmant fears of the "spillover effect" as in Philipines,Myanmar and as what is happenin started with the Bar Council walk to reform the judiciary..for those that have watched the VK Lingham tape it may be justified..but the police have taken a very rough approach to this situation though i wont blame them, they have their orders...If i was a ruling this country i might adopt the same approach..maybe i would have used the ISA a long time ago..But lets not forget those organizing this demonstration are not angels..they have their own ulterior motives...Why would i say that? We are humans..We are not Saints...If these people or even the goverment were so good they would be running charity programmes or running training and education programmes to educate the poor..

So whats the answer to this situation..maybe allwing controlled "walk" over a certain area..maybe around Dataran may seem like a good option..U do what u want as long as around dataran Merdeka..Do it every week for all i care but dont damage and fight with the police..throwing rocks is not the answer..i am an independent third party but please dont give me the excuse the police were rough, the police used tear gas...THEY WARNED YOU DIDNT THEY...the police already declared they wont allow any protest and you expect them to be nice..ain't that ridiculous?

Though there might be discontent but I believe most Malaysian dont care...what we care is whether we can make more money and live a better life...have more time to spend time with our family and kids...the more the country goes into havoc..NOBODY WILL INVEST HERE..Let me give you a good example..for those familiar with penang will know...Investors lose confidence...The whole Bayan Lepas would be unemployed..even the great nasi kandars would lose bussiness...seriously

So but never hurt others...its good to bring up issues but dont cross the limit...always keep it peaceful but never incite others...never create hatred...its the 21st century..look at it rationaly..solve it like educated and refined individuals.


MX said...

You seem very naive and bought in by Government propaganda. Malaysia is a police state by all means, the media in controlled by the goverment so all you are going to hear is the view of the goverment or what it wants you to hear.

Protests, demonstrations end in violence... comelah don't compare Malaysians to the ones in Pakistan or such countries, there have been peaceful protests. Why doesn't the government show demonstrations in Australia, England where there been no violence.

Its election time and the goverment are here to win votes. They know the Malays arent fully behind them and split up by PAS and PKR. The only way they are going to win them over is by playing out this HINDRAF rally hence why it is getting more media coverage compared to the BERSIH rally weeks before mainly because that was a majority Malay rally. They have done it before, MAY 13th!

UMNO, BN is full of corrupted politicians. We are at fault of putting them there and giving them 2/3 majority. Now we must put it right and deny them that!!

PJ said...

I agree that the government should not be given an absolute control as in the current situation..let them know that all eyes are upon them and their priority is to serve not earn..but i have to insist again beware in choosing the lesser of two evils

MX said...

The problem is there is no certain which is the lesser of two evils. The idea that the Opposition is not fit to rule the country has been put forth by the government and disseminated by its controlled media. How are we to know the opposition is not going to do well to govern the country? They haven't had the chance to govern the country so we cant really be sure. Only when they have had their can we truly be sure.

The Opposition aren't going to win the election, no by any means. 50 years of dictatorship has dwindled their power and with the financial might of misused funds and controlled media the ruling BN has a major upper hand. Not to forget all the cheating in the Electoral System to further push their advantage. The best is to deny BN a 2/3 majority giving a chance for the Opposition to give a bigger fight in the following elections. We need a strong Opposition to keep our dumbfounded MP's in-line.

Falcon said...

first thx mx for bringing this issue for debate...i would have to agree that until we allow the opposition to govern we will never know but do we wan to risk our peace and future for them...i would say no...second always keep in mind that this a unque country where balancing the interest of every group is vital..the opposition are split among themselves..they could not even agree on a united opposition then how can they run the government...i believe the opposition is imperative to our country..I sincerely admire Lim Kiat Siang, Kulasegaran and Karpal for bringing some sense to our Parliment...and i do agree that the government majority should be reduced so that they will feel the pressure to serve!!

The Big R' said...

"they could not even agree on a united opposition"

What do you mean by that? That the Opposition Parties need to join up and form a 'United Opposition Party'?

Different parties have different views. They don't have to be united. If either one of them miraculously wins the election, then they alone will rule. So what kind of argument is that 'the opposition cant rule cause they cant agree among themselves'. That doesn't make sense. Hmm, let me put it this way, if PKR wins the election, then they will rule, the DAP/PAS/BN will become the 'opposition'. The 'opposition' is not single movement with component parties like the BN is, they are independent of each other.

"second always keep in mind that this a unque country where balancing the interest of every group is vital"

Yes, and the DAP and PKR's ideals are suited for everyone. While the Gov still insists on the NEP, Anwar Ibrahim is campaigning for the end of the NEP and class based instead of race based help, that will genuinely help the poor regardless of race. Hmm... which one seems to think about every group?

we allow the opposition to govern we will never know but do we wan to risk our peace and future for them

And I say keeping it the way it is is risking our peace and future. And I'm sure plenty agree with me. This government ruling unchecked has been taking the people around for a ride. Money is being wasted every where. Promises that were made have not been kept. People are being lied to.

Lastly, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT. Please I implore you, try and start reading some INDEPENDENT NEWS, like or

You'll actually learn the truth instead of just goverment propoganda from the pages of government owned newspapers and media.

MX said...

You made a good point about peace but how much of your rights are you willing to forgo in order to keep this peace? Are you willing to get trampled on just in the name of peace and security?

What the government are denying is our basic human rights. Which they say is to preserve peace and security. I beg to differ. Laws like the ISA are to imprison political adversaries and keep themselves in power. We dont need such laws here. Rallies and demonstrations dont end in violence, not always anyway as the government are suggesting. Rallies happen all the time in countries like Australia, US and UK without an incident. Its our right to protest if what we see is injustice done by our government.

Also the government are implying that we are an immature society by saying demonstrations will lead to racial violence. AThis is pure nonsense. After 50 years its time for us to end all this racial stigma that and plagued our country for long. The dogs at UMNO, MIC and MCA are the ones always playing the racial card. Its is them and their comments that are at more danger to cause public unrest. Remember last year's UMNO assembly, words were uttered by some of the MPs that were racialistic and disgraceful. I hope you remember the comments by one of our MP's that wanted to bathe the Keris in non-malay blood or have you conveniently forgotten? Yet none of these people were arrested under ISA for threatening national unity and the peace and harmony of the country. The clear bias is undeniable.

Parties like the DAP & PKR are multi racial although skewed to a certain race ie DAP to the Chinese and PKR to the Malays but neither has any rules or preference to any race. This is the move forward if we want a United Malaysia. We need an end of racial politics something with BN and UMNO running the show we can only dream about.

Falcon said...

Thx to Big R for bringing up certain issues..

1) With regard to the united opposition...i agree that parties have a different views but lets be practical for a second, How do they plan to run the government in malaysia without the support of the differing interest of a multiracial it Possible that you satisfy the demand of a certain section of society but not the rest?

2)The NEP is somethin thats is very controversial...To be honest im not a big fan of it either but do you think he can get it abolished and still get the support of those priviledged by it? Another point that i would caution is placing too much emphasis on a "individual" more than the whole party and its goal and beliefs...The Devils lies in the heart of every man including you and me...

3)On your thrid point,I do agree and i believe alternative newspaper such as even The Sun is essential to open our mind to the restrictive local i have to acknowledge i do laugh while watchin our 1 hour 8pm news as in my opinion at moments it is to be more of propaganda than news..

Falcon said...

Mx i do agree with you as to the whole "keris" incident...Damn was i outraged...but i look at it in a more practical manner..Why do they do it? thats the only way that they will get the overwhelming support of their own party...jaga nasi sendiri sebelum beri nasi kepada orang lain...(I would like to note that i strongly oppose such insensitive comments) What matters is their is cheap...Are they actually that bias while serving in their respective positions...some of them do but they are some that there is a fine line between that politicians have to cross...but i believe those that are biassed should be exposed and sacked...

Racial card...that is the biggest weakness of our society..from my observation some of us have grown out of it...but there are still a huge number of people that are still so closed minded that they cant see beyond colour....Over the years I have noticed that DAP has maintained its "no racial preference" policy but can they obtain the support of the Bumiputeras...