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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hindraf-The Aftermath

The Hindraf issue has been one of the highlights of the year as it has been the first time in the memory of our younger generation that there have been protest on racial grounds. It is normal to listen to the opposition protesting or groups fighting for certain goals but the issues that Hindraf has raised has the ability to threaten the foundation of our very country. I would like to note that my comments would be based on my observation and personal interpretation from conversations and news and not prejudicial or bias in any manner. I intend to provide a balanced discussion on this topic....Everyone must have heard what is this movement fighting for but from this I have to ask why? and is it worth it?

Why?...that has been well reported but after speaking to many friends on this issue, i am shocked to learn that there has been a common voice of dissent. You would be surprised to know it is not the RM1 million or their rights being neglected but it is because of the demolition of Hindu temples. I have found that the recent demolition of Hindu temples throughout the country has outraged the Indian Community....Who's responsible for that? the local council are the main culprits and also some state government officials. However it must be noted that the temples themselves were unlicensed and also built on land not belonging to them. In my opinion the point that the temples are unlicensed is ridiculous but i have to agree with the point of the land belonging to the state government. So there has been good argument raised in justifying the demolition of this temples but think about it how can we order the demolition of places meant for religious devotion? I believe and respect every religion but this issue has been handled badly..very badly..they should have been more sensitive to this issues as it involves religious beliefs! The state government should have provided alternatives or a longer time frame before ordering the destruction of Temples. The temple officials also have to work together with the local authority to find a amicable settlement to the problem. I even heard there were CDs released highlighting the destruction of Hindu Temple throughout Malaysia.

In my opinion this was the bomb and Hindraf was its trigger. This was made worse by the demolition of a temple in Klang if my memory serves me correctly few weeks before the rally which some may remember when the Hindraf Leaders were arrested for the first time when obstructing the demolition of the temple. This was the common voice of dissent from my observation, The Hindraf leaders have made a name for themselves and right now the leaders in MIC especially our famous Works Minister is feeling the pressure.

So is it worth it? I have to say that they have done well by raising issues but they have gone way way way too far. To be honest I am impressed with the crowd that gathered but The Organizers made a bundle of errors in dealing with this issue in my opinion. In Particulars the term 'ethnic cleansing', What was he thinking? Oh my god...He must have enjoyed being in the international spotlight but it does not matter as do you honestly think they will support you to bring change. POLITICS AND ECONOMY RULE THE WORLD, NOT THE FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE especially when its not TRUE. They should have focused more on raising issues waiting for the action to be taken instead of them taking action. They must have made it peaceful not violence.

The Aftermath? TV3 is now berita propaganda hehe...I watch their news but sometimes i just cant stop laughing for example where they reported that India has the highest amount of Poor people in the world when the Hindraf leaders were in India. Other than that they have deferred the raising of tolls of major must be given to bersih also and i believe that the claim that petrol prices will be increased next year may not become a reality until the end of General Election. The Government has asked Datuk Seri Samy to list down temples that are in danger of being demolished and find a solution. The Government i hope will be more sensitive to racial issues after this especially reprimanding officials who do not respect the religious beliefs of other races. In particular a state leader that has been accused as the main culprit and if proven, Strict action must be taken against them, don't always adopt the MALAYSIA BOLEH SPIRIT AFTER SOMETHING HAPPENS..prevention is better than cure!

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