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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I was watchin this show on 8tv yesterday titled 'What Women Want'...Its a show where they aim to find a guy that is most desirable for women in terms of character and personality..I enjoy watchin the show but I have no idea why..I know it's not because its gonna help me with the ladies..It's not because of Hannah Tan or Hannah think its because of the participants..They are of different backgrounds and a mix of personalities..I would like to say that Aloysius (hope got his name right).. should not have been kicked out because the act of taking responsibility and standing up for your group and personal failure is an admirable quality..They are so many others that would just hide behind the scene and survive another week

(This is in my opinion and nothing to reflect men's perception in general)


hmm...Dream on...

THE SWEETEST GUY IN THE WORLD (inspired by Daph..)

Gals want a guy that is so sweet and so Caring that he is equivalent to candy..You cant resist having more and more of him...hmm...Dream on


This is a term me and my frens always use where guys are able to satisfy the desire and wishes of every gal..I used the term 'every' gal..Yes they will be more than one..During the courtship period the Angelic Guy will potray his inner sweet, caring and dedication character for her...But trust me it never last! lol...But this is what women want..and dont get me started on sweet talkin gals!...Like a fren of mine said..We know its fake but we still like to hear it..

In conclusion if a Guy has the ability to provide a gal the three criteria I mentioned earlier..Being a guy can be so much fun..Even If u fail in the first Criteria, the second and third criteria is sufficient to make every girl feel that she is the luckiest girl in the world...Being the dream of every gal is not every guys dream but in order to be with a gal you will have to make sacrifice to be what they want ( At least until you get married to her..Then she shall know who is the boss hehe...) So guys pay attention and Learn! Gals enjoy being treated as a Princess!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Is it worth it to love someone? Is it worth it to put your heart out there? Is it worth it to leave the fate of your happiness into the hands of another person? Is it worth it to love? many people will say yes including myself but there will be others that will consider love as childish feelings that produce no benefit except pain. Love is measured by its ability to find the best for that person and not according to the real definition of love..That is loving someone truly for who that person is... A feeling born deep inside your heart for a person to cherish and care for that person with the strongest feelings possible imaginable for that person..For others Love exist but tailored according to a person wishes and desire...Many have forgotten that a love exist with such intensity that it is capable to create unimaginable happiness....

Sadly love has it's ugly side also..It makes us so weak that we are overwhelmed by emotions..We are controlled by emotions and thus 'get all crazy'..The pain from love is so powerful and intense that it is capable of changing a person...creating a fear so strong that people lose the ability to love again..It can create anger and hatred..It causes us to weep every moment through tears and unknown to others through silent tears deep down in our heart..Love can make your very existence a curse...

Sometimes avoiding love spares a person all the heartbreak and pain and suffering and anger.... But turning your back at love deprives you from being happy....Having a controlled love is not love..Its is only a game where we let our weakness and fear control us..You can never be truly happy if you hold yourself back...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A few days ago...I had a very vivid dream of someone very dear to me..When I mean vivid..Damn It was like it really happened and I can imagine it really happening in the future..Are Dreams premonition's of the future? Is it destiny..or fate..or God telling us what is going to happen or is it a sign? Something that we are suppose to follow..something that we are suppose to guide us in making a decision..Maybe..Sometimes dreams have the potential to end up becoming a 'deja vu' situation..Sometimes don't you feel like you have had been in that situation...But you do not not know when? If you think back you may have dreamed of it..I have encountered such situations..

For me dreams are more of the amplification of our inner desire and thoughts..We possess deep hidden thoughts that we don't realize it exist and usually deny its existence..For example my dream was of someone I thought had no more relevance to my life but unfortunately after that night I realized that hiding stuff and denying its existence is never the way to face anything in life...It haunts you in your dream..Bloody Hell...So it looks like a Dream may have more significance than being just a dream...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslim burial for elderly convert after court ruling

Over the past week the controversy of the body a Chinese man named Gan Eng Gor being taken away by the police from a funeral parlour ended after being declared by the Seremban Syariah High Court as a Muslim convert thus now recognised as Amir Gan Abdullah. He was given a Muslim burial after the court order. The part that really outraged me is that reliance was made to the testimony of ONE MAN..THAT IS HIS SON WHO CONVERTED NOT THE WIFE..NOT ANY OTHER CHILDREN..HE ATE PORK BUT DUE TO THE SON ALLEGATIONS HE IS BURIED AS A MUSLIM!! Where is the EVIDENCE...PROOF.. Even VK argues for proof even though nobody in their right minds believe that he could be remotely innocent ..Then How could the Court make such a declaration..From the news report I read, his Chinese family did not attend the hearing today...Yes in normal circumstances if nobody contest the application then judgment will be given to the party that made the application..but even then in order to obtain a judgement or a declaratory order..Evidence must be given..The evidence must be of sufficient weight that the Court must be satisfied and Agrees that JUSTICE will be served if the declaratory order is made.

I am just stunned with such a decision! and according to an earlier blog by xmom that non-Muslim family members will not be entitled to any inheritance..This raises an important question mark..did the son act upon his sincere intention to provide a burial in accordance with his father's faith or does he have his own ulterior intention? This is another sad day where family relationship is just a mere word..Where sharing the same surname is of no meaning..Where proof is secondary to a person's testimony...Where someone could have made allegations with no sincerity and honesty...a sad day

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Another holiday...Another day not having to wake up early in the morning, getting all 'excited' (sarcasm) hehe.... getting dressed up and leaving for work, school or classes but lazing around...taking your sweet time to do everything at the pace of a snail or was it just me? So my topic of the day is whether public holidays are a blessing or a hidden curse? When i heard the news on monday morning...Thursday holiday wah? it was like raining chocolates...(i love chocolates)..but then the question was what to do? So after careful thought...I cant stay at home..Because its a holiday..So decided lets do something! Now one of my aim for the year was to save money to get some stuff and hopefully go one on a holiday to phuket or bali...But staying in KL saving money is so so hard..especially for me...I then realize the mathematics of a day out


But on average its RM 30....RM 20 is more of wishful thinking...hehe...




RM 11 (but i recommend One Utama Cinema's as it was RM 7 on Christmas... That was a happy Day)

For everybody reference, tickets prices on average during a public holiday
Pavillion RM 12
Times Square RM 11/12 (i heard from a friend)
The Curve RM 10-12(when there on Awal Muharam but Cant Remember the exact price)
One Utama Rm 7

My movie review

American Gangster- Must See A+++

Cloverfield- i Didn't Watch it as I'm not interested but please bring a bag for you to vomit...This are from very reliable sources (my fren himself) and inclusive of Fly fm DJ's..Its due to the way the movie is shot..


So what i mean by gatal-gatal? the Gatal things that we do...When we follow our fancy..Things you don't need but you get it. Like for example I had ice blended coffee...That was RM 12-15..hai..sometimes have cake or other drinks...Especially me a coffee addict!...susah...

In conclusion nothing less than RM 50 a day out...If i was more loaded then it would be a blessing..hopefully in a few years...i won't be complaining about money anymore..(finger crossed) If anyone wants to sponsor my trip to phuket and bali...I dont mind....(tak tahu malu)(beh hiao pai seh) hehe....So for me It is a blessing but a very Expensive Blessing!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The VK LINGAM saga has created as sense of intrigue and curiosity among all Malaysian...Everybody knows that corruption is a part of life..Manipulation of the system is the way to have an easy success in life...Everybody knows but to what extent? How is it done? That was limited to a privileged few... And never have we been made to face the reality that such incident are occurring..Its different when you think that something is happening and when you are faced with the truth...So What are the lessons learnt from this 'saga' so far?

Its rude to shove someones hand form your shoulder

Profound statement by Tan Sri Eusoff Chin that its rude to shove someones (VK Lingam) hand your shoulder. Now poor VK..He must have had the impression that he and Tan Sri are 'heng tai' or Brother in Arms...Sadly he is quite 'perasan'

VK has a freaky obsession towards Tan Sri Eusoff Chin

From the Evidence presented by the Bar Council that throughout their trip in the New Zealand...VK has been travelling to the same destinations and also staying in the same hotels as Tan Sri...Is VK in love with Tan Sri? Or a strange Coincidence? or were they holidaying together? its your Guess...

Government Secrets are not so secret after all

Information as to the Appointment of judges which is governed by the Officials Secrets Act and Privy to only 3 individuals but apparently is a well known fact to the lawyers inclusive and especially VK himself..I wonder are our other secrets guarded? Is our military Secrets known to our neighbours? I wonder we one day we can obtain our toll concession agreements? I wonder...

'I Don't Remember' and 'I Don't Know' are most prudent terms to use

I believe all Malaysian should learn the phrases I don't know and I don't remember by heart as our Nations Leader and well respected figures have showed to us that this are phrases to be applied when being questioned or in a difficult position..Next time if I get stopped by the police..Mana lu punya IC? Tak tahu... Kat mana u simpan..Tak ingat...hehe....

It can be you but its not you

I believe the most famous phrase so far... It sounds like me..It looks like me..but its might not be me..Salute him for such an answer...VK has came up with an unconvincing defence to his involvement and unlikely anybody believes that he is innocent but by using the argument that the tape must be authenticated..he has limited his potential liability as the Royal Commission cant declare outright he is the person in the clip...

Sideburns and Facial Hair is the trend of the season

Loh Mui Fah has been the pioneer for the fashion of the season for Male's with his ultra cool facial hair hehe...

Alcohol is a truth Serum

As according to Datuk Mahadev Shankar..that When you drink and being intoxicated you will speak the truth..Datuk you also 'thani' kaki ah? hehe...But i seriously commend Datuk Mahadev Shankar for his role in the Commision as he has played a proactive role and ensuring that the true purpose of the Commision is accomplished..Syabas Datuk!

I believe that VK's Brother should also be called to testify as to his knowledge and in particular conversation between himself and VK with regard to the manipulation of the judiciary and also his late night driver duties...The Royal Commission is a welcomed step...I believe Malaysian are happy not because that Scandal in the Judiciary has been exposed but Its another 'Drama' for everyone to watch..It is a mix of a Hindi and Cantonese drama where there is drinking, corruption, manipulation, betrayal and also lies..Another fascinating 'Drama' for everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2008


To semua orang Kl!! Yahoo!!! Wednesday has been declared a Holiday..That means we get gaji Buta!! hehehe...One of the things that I love about Malaysia is the holidays we get..since the end November we have been working an average of 4 days a week and there will be another holiday on 1st February (smiles..smiles..smiles....) Sadly this ends at Chinese New Year... :( All good things must come to an end sooner or later right?

Anyway My sincere and Heartfelt Appreciation to 2 Individuals and 1 Group


If not for your street protest and Demonstration...The Indian Community Would not have been so outraged and enraged by 'issues' raised by you..I cannot deny the Hindraf issues has tested our racial sensitivity And Fortunately it never got out of Control..Issues have been brought out in the open and lets hope solution or at least some compromise in particular the demolition of Hindu Temples can be accomplished


Through your continuous effort in 'trying' to assist the Indian Community...what rubbish.. Thanks for Helping yourself...hehe...I would praise MIC on one aspect that is by providing Financial assistance to Indian Student to further their studies but other than that I have to say your actions made Hindraf a success and thus another Holiday...


I have to praise Pak Lah with regard to playing the publicity Game well...He knows how to use the media well also...And Lucky for all those in KL its an election year and thus the fundamental factor that lead to Pak Lah making this decision..He knows how to get in the Good Books of the People but I have to express my gratitude to the State and Federal Government Officials that were instrumental in Demolishing the Hindu Temples...If not for your Gross Disrespect..Hindraf would not have been successful either

In conclusion many parties contributed for all us in the Federal Teritory in particular Hindraf to obtain another Holiday, it never made sense to me that where Thaipusam is celebrated in a Grand Manner which will be in Batu Caves but no Holiday is allocated...So Its another Holiday...Another Day to spend money on movies, on your date, on shopping, on having a fancy dinner...but for me there is a dilemma what to do on Wednesday? crap!


I had a nice weekend...Had fun with my classmates...Eventhough was really tired but i was happy...Coming to work on Monday one of my daily rituals is to check my blog, friendster, hotmail, Nuffnang and Adsense. Now I am so thankful to those that visit my blog and leave comments...Positive or negative,I take in a constructive manner to improve my blog. Now over the weekend i could not access nuffnang to upload my latest post on Innit, that was all right..I assumed the whole team was at PWTC..that's fine..but there was no statistics over the weekend..Apparently nobody viewed by blog...And i thought nobody viewed my blog..sob sob..hehe...thats fine but to my amazement there were comments on my somebody must have viewed it...hmmm...and Eh...there were page impressions from my Adsene...

I have been very happy with the services provided by nuffnang and the way they have improved and assisted all bloggers..Bloggers have gained more exposure and knowledge through nuffnang and Innit. I also have to praise their support department for their prompt replies but They should have at least sent an email apologizing or explaining what happened rite..Advertlets did it why not nuffnang..Something they should note..We are a very forgiving community..An explanation is better than secrecy and 'buat tak tahu' attitude!

To nuffnang keep on improving and keep up the good effort!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Good..The Ugly and The Stupid

Second post of the day but do check out my earlier post and check out Raja Petra's Malaysia Today and his recent blog (The link is at the bottom of the earlier post). It's Just mind blowing!

This is a summary of the highlights of yesterday's Star


MPSJ ( Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya) has implemented a dog adoption programme before putting the dogs to sleep. I salute MPSJ for taking such an effort and giving a chance for the innocent dogs to possibly have another chance at life. The Reason why the action of MPSJ should be commended as it involves higher cost and taking an effort to save the life of others including of animals is something that we all can learn from. For more information you guys can check out.

Acts of compassion like this deserves to be termed as The Good.


A 60 year old man was shot not once but TWICE in the leg by dog shooter in Taiping...Poor man was riding back home with his wife when he was accidentally shot in the leg. I have seen dog shooters in action and as i Remember they warn people to stay away. I can't deny that in some cases dog shooters are needed especially in cases where the dogs have rabies or pose a threat to young children but this was a very unfortunate incident thus a really really ugly incident.This act deserves to be termed as The Ugly


My favourite is the Stupid...MAS has recently scrapped its ticket commission for its agents thus the ticketing agents shall now be free to charge a service free...It means MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! Why? Because they are now allowed to charge around 5% of the ticket price...and they can charge more for extra services. As we all good Malaysians know if we don't control or regulate prices it will be CHARGE KAU KAU!! A lot of agents will take an opportunity to charge a higher fee which i believe would be higher than the commission previously given by MAS. As i know MAS did not provide a fixed commission for every ticket sold but based on a performance basis throughout a certain period. Thus you can see the difference of the previous and current commission scheme

Now i shall present the meaning of the word STUPIDITY!! A representative from the travel industry was speaking at some conference and he spoke to the press that with this increase there will be better SERVICE...The headline of the report was BETTER SERVICE WITH TICKET FEE!! So we will be charged more and we are suppose to SMILE because will be obtain better service...The part that really made me laugh if you ask for delivery of tickets don't worry, It will be done but you will pay more for the tickets!! What service do they mean? Hai...Really Stupid lah..Are we that stupid to believe such excuses...

No other words cross my mind except The Stupid


Today marks the day where i have discovered my ultimate blogger Hero...My inspiration and 'Guru'...Raja Petra from his article has shown me he writes with passion and honesty for what he believes!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

''Flexible' Relationships

I have and always been a staunch believer in the whole concept of LOVE...commitment to relationship and finding happiness with your loved one........It is one of my greatest aspiration and dream...but does it stand a chance to become reality..Not till today..There has just been too many heartbreaks and disappointment...I have lost the ability to let myself go all out in a relationship..I feel shocked saying this but for the next few years until i have achieved stability in my life It shall be only 'me and myself'.....hehe...Apart from that I believe any relationship at this age is more likely than not destined for failure...That's another topic for another day.

Flexible Relationship'...Is it right or correct or morally wrong? For those that don't know what 'Flexible Relationship' means? It is being with someone...enjoying 'every' benefit of a relationship without any any commitment what so ever...A mutual agreement to enjoy being with someone but without any prospect of getting hurt...Sounds attractive right..And the best part you can have multiple relationship but the only limitation will be your own pocket ($$$) . These days as I have noticed both guys and gals have preferred to adopt this type of relationship due to:

A) Personal Pleasure

B) Fear of being Heart Broken

C) Adopting the I Don't give a Fuck and I want to Enjoy KAU KAU Attitude

Love is meant to be a union of two hearts...Union of two Souls....Where two people develop deep Affection and Sincerity towards each other. A love that is beyond anyone's understanding..It is not suppose to make any sense because it is love. It makes every moment of your existence the most special moment...To be able to hold that person in your arms makes life worth living. All the pain and hardship gone through can be cured by a simple 'I love you'. All tears and every second of pain in the world is drifts away and happiness fill your heart with just your loved one presence.

In conclusion we can run away from facing the fear...preferring to hide from the pain...Running away is never the answer but may just provide a temporary relief...but by running away you lose the chance to have eternal happiness...It differs from person to person and your present situation of life but sometimes having 'Flexible Relationship' can be very tempting and even the choice to make at that time but never let go of the ultimate goal of finding true love!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man Or Animals - Sharlinie!!

The theory that men and animals are not so distinct has been proven in my mind after the recent increase in sexual assault cases. First from last year statistics there were more than 3000 cases of rape reported. That's an average of more nearly 10 cases a day.. Whats wrong with our society? is it full of ruthless and barbaric sexual predators??? Have all these people lost every sense of respect of women? Are they so overwhelmed by their sick and twisted fantasies that they have lost every sense of humanity? Are they animals? How can you allow yourself to commit such an act where you are killing a person alive and causing her to face mental trauma that will change torment her forever! What is running in the mind of this animals!

To make things worse, The killing of Nurin is so shocking that I could not believe it when I read it..The manner he tortured her is so fundamentally twisted that it can only be the mind of a sick sick sick sick devil. No sound and sane human being could have lost all sense of rationality to commit such a crime! Everyone has their own inner devil...We can never run away from the devils in our heart and mind but our sense of humanity take precedence over anything else. We were never created perfect, WE ARE BORN FLAWED BUT SHOULD STRIVE TO PERFECT OURSELVES!!!! What the Fuck is wrong with these people!

The case of Sharlinie..For those that don't know..A young gal was kidnapped a few days ago..and still missing..It is feared the same Animal that took Nurin is responsible for this barbaric act..I hope and pray god will protect and return her safely back to her family..Let our prayers be with her...When that animal is finally caught he should be tortured and tortured and tortured...death
is no price for him to pay for what he did...

Monday, January 14, 2008


SMK Hillcrest is a school in the Gombak area and last sunday from being a relatively unknown school it has now shot to fame for the wrong reasons..What do i mean by the wrong reasons? it is one of the school that practices segregation of male and female students. Kesian the boys and gals in the school!! hehe.....So with the report from the STAR.. now some changes will occur as exemplified in the first case of segregation in schools a few weeks back..But as in the earlier case the principal the culprit behind all this 'kuno' policies will escape without any action taken against them. That's just unacceptable because this principals are acting like Little Dictators in their respective schools and without the exposure of the media nothing would have stopped them from implementing all their 'fantasies'. But being a very forgiving country....The principals shall live ot rule another day..

But unknown to everyone there SMK Hillcrest has another dirty secret..I met a parent of one of the students thus I would say it is a reliable source and to my utmost Surprise, This school planned to practice the QUOTA system...YES! For post PMR students when they assign classes when they enter Form 4 subject to a quota..Now, Lets think back what is the quota system..It is to ensure equal opportunity among the races when entering the Uni's but not for Schools! As it is, many well deserving students are deprived a chance to further their studies in courses of their choice at Universities due to the quota system and now in SMK HILLCREST...they are depriving students from a chance in being in better classes with a more conducive class due to their race. Is that not discrimination!! I accept with must discontent the quota system in Uni's because it has been a part of our history and abolishing it will open Pandora's Box but this rogue principals should be fired and expelled from the teaching profession for acting on based on their fancy. But thankfully from the information I received their plans to implement the qouta system was not implemented upon the first few days of school.

Every man and Woman should be judged on their own ability..Their own desire for success..Their own determination..Their own Character and Their own Success and Capability and Nothing Else..We are a developing Nation and not a Nation striving to return back to the Feudal Ages. Something must be done!

Friday, January 11, 2008


What a news..we are facing a shortage of cooking oil..hmm...First I thought that the source of cooking oil is from some substance not common to us or a product of some chemical..hehe..Im not a kitchen kind of guy...dumb dumb..hehe..But surprisingly as i found out the main product is PALM OIL...wait wait...As i drive around Malaysia....My home state of! bloody a lot of palm oil plantation..I went Pahang before its full of palm oil..Eh!...How come we face a shortage..Is it because of the previous flooding? maybe but surprisingly few days later or was it within 48 hours problem solved...Suddenly the government flooded the market with palm oil..I don't know whether its true or not, as i mentioned I'm not a kitchen kind of guy...The government came to the rescue or did they? 'Paham paham lah'...In my opinion somebody or some group must have been holding on to the supply and after some malaysian 'perbincangan' they released it back to the market..One other reason i would attribute to this shortage is panic buying..that's why i love Malaysia..We get so 'Semangat' over any rumour and make it a reality..its just amazing...We are always over prepared...I just love it that's the true spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh'..

On the lighter side farmers are complaining that price of vegatables are dropping...funny rite..It was in the Star...The headline should have been..FINALY SOMETHING IS REDUCING NOT INCREASING...that was the wacky week of our local products...hope you have a nice weekend and MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chua Soi Lek - Goodbye

The Saga of our Health Minister brought some spark to our new year...It was sort of unexpected the way and speed it turned out. None would have expected him to have been so courageous in dealing with the situation. Lets face it, its not easy facing the public..He didnt face the public on a literal manner but through the media (However it was like a media circus). The media had a double Christmas this year with them chasing the this story getting reaction and finding out who filmed the video. The once minister resigned within 48 hours from all his post. The thought that crossed my mind is whether his actions was of such a nature that he has to resign? He commited adultery and was recorded without his knowledge. He did not intentionally and knowingly record his 'moments'. They have been so many minister involved in corruption but you dont see them having a press conference and admitting to their actions. The Port Klang asseblymen could even conduct an open house inviting the press to view his mansion. That's just Crazy. So is adultery a greater sin than corruption? Corruption is cheating the public which means our money and denying other genuine and rightful parties from making money by limiting opportunities to themselves but where as for adultery he should be answerable only to this wife and family.

Dont get me wrong that its all right to cheat on your loved ones, I am strongly against it and I believe if you truly love how can you cheat and hurt them...but this is an issue between him and his family. Now the argument that he should display examplary moral behaviour is a load of crap. Pure bullshit, do we seriously believe that our politican can dsplay even acceptable moral behaviour. Why would i say that? Can we ourselves dare declare that we are of good moral behaviour, I have met people that I regard as angels but put them in a situation where you are involved in politics and business. Something must be sacrified or at least sometimes some compromise must be made. I perefer those that are brave enough to admit their mistakes and i admire that he did resign from his post taking it as someone who know the true meaning of responsiblity. For those that live in the public eye its better to make it open than hiding the dirty secrets..but dont go ala britney but ala badawi..I respect him for taking a wife while in office. He has been subjected to much ridicule but I think its better than keeping 'personal friends' . So to our Mr. Chua goodbye but thank you for teachin us and making the the term 'personal friend' popular.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Bad Day

It was one of the days where u wish it never happened. Yesterday I was down with food poisoning...First I could not sleep the whole night and then the common symptoms of Vomiting and diarrhoea. I hate it. The whole day went by with me lying on the bed all weak n tired. I was awake only 2 hours yesterday...I think I must have slept around 24 hours...That's incredible even by my standards.

At moments like this when you are lying on the bed and unable to wake up is when things come back to perspective. The inability to rely on physical strength makes u remember how fragile we are as a human being. All the pride of being young and healthy is blown away by the realization that at any moment it can be all taken away. It was Good for me (though it may seem twisted based on the circumstances) as i had a chance to examine my life again as over this past year or two i have adopted i don't give a '****' attitude to life and my goal has been to enjoy life and have fun. I have been so flexible in living that i have compromised many principles that i had so much of faith previously. It was a day full of reflection and sleeping and sleeping and wishing for the day to end. So its all over now and I'm feeling better now.Have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Taking a taxi or a cab whichever word is preferred is an essential part of people that do not have the luxury of owning a cab or a taxi...I for example would not make taking a cab as my main mode of transport except in cases where there is no better alternative. There are buses and trains for those in the Klang Valley but as we all know the range of the Trains are limited and Buses...I have to compliment the services of Rapid KL..Its efficient and there a regular buses! Kudos to Rapid KL and as i heard there are doing well in Penang also..Penang Buses were far from being comfortable and efficient. The Setback for Buses is that you may not know how long you have to wait for it! Maybe 30minutes or less but maybe more. I hate waiting there not knowing when the buses will be coming.

So taxis comes in to supplement the deficiency of other Public Transport Providers. Taxi's if applying the meter system is reasonable and If you travel in a group of three or four it is cheaper than taking other modes of Public Transport but the part that really pisses me off is Those Lazy and Heartless Taxi Drivers waiting to cutthroat passengers. The Areas that i would like to spotlight:

2. THE KTM station for UPM n UNITEN..I think its the KAJANG KTM

The cab Drivers are ****ing Vulture's and Ruthless. Why? the people coming to this stations are Students and Working Adult, Not Rich and Bighshot CEOs. A normal ride of RM 5 would be RM 15 and the Taxi's at The Kajang Station charge at least RM10. Why Don't they use Meters? Would it kill them to do so. Don't they feel any sense of compassion when they are ripping off Students and Travellers with heavy Bags. How heartless can you be! First don't Bring the excuse of higher Fuel Prices!! You are using NGV not Petrol and you are not Driving around to find Customer but Just Shaking Their Balls and waiting for Customers. I wonder how can they sleep at night knowing they are earning money so dishonestly. Earn and Be Honest. There are so many other taxi drivers that do not cheat, that abide by regulations and Use the damn Meter.. Why not these people.. Something has to be done. Many of you do not know but Taxi Drivers do make a good living if there are honest. Their daily rental these days average around RM 35 to RM 50.. That's maximum 25 trips per day if using their minimum profit of RM 2.00 per trip. That's for the First 3 to 5 years and then they become the legal owners of the car and the rent for the licence would be around RM15 yo RM 20 per day. In KL that means good money! Others areas that do not use the meter:

1. Sunway
2. Bukit Bintang

Something has to be done..For me **** this Vulture's just walk a distance and get a cab driving by..Don't use the cabs parked and waiting to skin you alive..Lets hope some stern action is taken

New Year..New Beginning

A New Beginning...One of the perks of The New Year is telling our self that its a New Year...Its time to do the things that we have not done..Its time to Fulfill all our wishes kept deep down in our heart..Its a time full of hope and inspiration..A time when at the count of midnight Everyone becomes a visionary..becomes a man/women of hope..So for those with such inspirations...and with such dedication..Make It a successful year..Make it a year to be proud of..HAPPY NEW YEAR..