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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

''Flexible' Relationships

I have and always been a staunch believer in the whole concept of LOVE...commitment to relationship and finding happiness with your loved one........It is one of my greatest aspiration and dream...but does it stand a chance to become reality..Not till today..There has just been too many heartbreaks and disappointment...I have lost the ability to let myself go all out in a relationship..I feel shocked saying this but for the next few years until i have achieved stability in my life It shall be only 'me and myself'.....hehe...Apart from that I believe any relationship at this age is more likely than not destined for failure...That's another topic for another day.

Flexible Relationship'...Is it right or correct or morally wrong? For those that don't know what 'Flexible Relationship' means? It is being with someone...enjoying 'every' benefit of a relationship without any any commitment what so ever...A mutual agreement to enjoy being with someone but without any prospect of getting hurt...Sounds attractive right..And the best part you can have multiple relationship but the only limitation will be your own pocket ($$$) . These days as I have noticed both guys and gals have preferred to adopt this type of relationship due to:

A) Personal Pleasure

B) Fear of being Heart Broken

C) Adopting the I Don't give a Fuck and I want to Enjoy KAU KAU Attitude

Love is meant to be a union of two hearts...Union of two Souls....Where two people develop deep Affection and Sincerity towards each other. A love that is beyond anyone's understanding..It is not suppose to make any sense because it is love. It makes every moment of your existence the most special moment...To be able to hold that person in your arms makes life worth living. All the pain and hardship gone through can be cured by a simple 'I love you'. All tears and every second of pain in the world is drifts away and happiness fill your heart with just your loved one presence.

In conclusion we can run away from facing the fear...preferring to hide from the pain...Running away is never the answer but may just provide a temporary relief...but by running away you lose the chance to have eternal happiness...It differs from person to person and your present situation of life but sometimes having 'Flexible Relationship' can be very tempting and even the choice to make at that time but never let go of the ultimate goal of finding true love!


lovie said...

Hi there.
Don't give up on love. Love is the most wonderful thing in life. I'm sure you will find someone who you truly love and someone who loves you back one day. =)

Daphne L said...

I agree (; Love is all about patience, aight.

;) all the best. and thanks for coming by!