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Friday, January 11, 2008


What a news..we are facing a shortage of cooking oil..hmm...First I thought that the source of cooking oil is from some substance not common to us or a product of some chemical..hehe..Im not a kitchen kind of guy...dumb dumb..hehe..But surprisingly as i found out the main product is PALM OIL...wait wait...As i drive around Malaysia....My home state of! bloody a lot of palm oil plantation..I went Pahang before its full of palm oil..Eh!...How come we face a shortage..Is it because of the previous flooding? maybe but surprisingly few days later or was it within 48 hours problem solved...Suddenly the government flooded the market with palm oil..I don't know whether its true or not, as i mentioned I'm not a kitchen kind of guy...The government came to the rescue or did they? 'Paham paham lah'...In my opinion somebody or some group must have been holding on to the supply and after some malaysian 'perbincangan' they released it back to the market..One other reason i would attribute to this shortage is panic buying..that's why i love Malaysia..We get so 'Semangat' over any rumour and make it a reality..its just amazing...We are always over prepared...I just love it that's the true spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh'..

On the lighter side farmers are complaining that price of vegatables are dropping...funny rite..It was in the Star...The headline should have been..FINALY SOMETHING IS REDUCING NOT INCREASING...that was the wacky week of our local products...hope you have a nice weekend and MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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