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Friday, January 4, 2008

A Bad Day

It was one of the days where u wish it never happened. Yesterday I was down with food poisoning...First I could not sleep the whole night and then the common symptoms of Vomiting and diarrhoea. I hate it. The whole day went by with me lying on the bed all weak n tired. I was awake only 2 hours yesterday...I think I must have slept around 24 hours...That's incredible even by my standards.

At moments like this when you are lying on the bed and unable to wake up is when things come back to perspective. The inability to rely on physical strength makes u remember how fragile we are as a human being. All the pride of being young and healthy is blown away by the realization that at any moment it can be all taken away. It was Good for me (though it may seem twisted based on the circumstances) as i had a chance to examine my life again as over this past year or two i have adopted i don't give a '****' attitude to life and my goal has been to enjoy life and have fun. I have been so flexible in living that i have compromised many principles that i had so much of faith previously. It was a day full of reflection and sleeping and sleeping and wishing for the day to end. So its all over now and I'm feeling better now.Have a nice weekend!!

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