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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chua Soi Lek - Goodbye

The Saga of our Health Minister brought some spark to our new year...It was sort of unexpected the way and speed it turned out. None would have expected him to have been so courageous in dealing with the situation. Lets face it, its not easy facing the public..He didnt face the public on a literal manner but through the media (However it was like a media circus). The media had a double Christmas this year with them chasing the this story getting reaction and finding out who filmed the video. The once minister resigned within 48 hours from all his post. The thought that crossed my mind is whether his actions was of such a nature that he has to resign? He commited adultery and was recorded without his knowledge. He did not intentionally and knowingly record his 'moments'. They have been so many minister involved in corruption but you dont see them having a press conference and admitting to their actions. The Port Klang asseblymen could even conduct an open house inviting the press to view his mansion. That's just Crazy. So is adultery a greater sin than corruption? Corruption is cheating the public which means our money and denying other genuine and rightful parties from making money by limiting opportunities to themselves but where as for adultery he should be answerable only to this wife and family.

Dont get me wrong that its all right to cheat on your loved ones, I am strongly against it and I believe if you truly love how can you cheat and hurt them...but this is an issue between him and his family. Now the argument that he should display examplary moral behaviour is a load of crap. Pure bullshit, do we seriously believe that our politican can dsplay even acceptable moral behaviour. Why would i say that? Can we ourselves dare declare that we are of good moral behaviour, I have met people that I regard as angels but put them in a situation where you are involved in politics and business. Something must be sacrified or at least sometimes some compromise must be made. I perefer those that are brave enough to admit their mistakes and i admire that he did resign from his post taking it as someone who know the true meaning of responsiblity. For those that live in the public eye its better to make it open than hiding the dirty secrets..but dont go ala britney but ala badawi..I respect him for taking a wife while in office. He has been subjected to much ridicule but I think its better than keeping 'personal friends' . So to our Mr. Chua goodbye but thank you for teachin us and making the the term 'personal friend' popular.

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