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Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslim burial for elderly convert after court ruling

Over the past week the controversy of the body a Chinese man named Gan Eng Gor being taken away by the police from a funeral parlour ended after being declared by the Seremban Syariah High Court as a Muslim convert thus now recognised as Amir Gan Abdullah. He was given a Muslim burial after the court order. The part that really outraged me is that reliance was made to the testimony of ONE MAN..THAT IS HIS SON WHO CONVERTED NOT THE WIFE..NOT ANY OTHER CHILDREN..HE ATE PORK BUT DUE TO THE SON ALLEGATIONS HE IS BURIED AS A MUSLIM!! Where is the EVIDENCE...PROOF.. Even VK argues for proof even though nobody in their right minds believe that he could be remotely innocent ..Then How could the Court make such a declaration..From the news report I read, his Chinese family did not attend the hearing today...Yes in normal circumstances if nobody contest the application then judgment will be given to the party that made the application..but even then in order to obtain a judgement or a declaratory order..Evidence must be given..The evidence must be of sufficient weight that the Court must be satisfied and Agrees that JUSTICE will be served if the declaratory order is made.

I am just stunned with such a decision! and according to an earlier blog by xmom that non-Muslim family members will not be entitled to any inheritance..This raises an important question mark..did the son act upon his sincere intention to provide a burial in accordance with his father's faith or does he have his own ulterior intention? This is another sad day where family relationship is just a mere word..Where sharing the same surname is of no meaning..Where proof is secondary to a person's testimony...Where someone could have made allegations with no sincerity and honesty...a sad day

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