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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man Or Animals - Sharlinie!!

The theory that men and animals are not so distinct has been proven in my mind after the recent increase in sexual assault cases. First from last year statistics there were more than 3000 cases of rape reported. That's an average of more nearly 10 cases a day.. Whats wrong with our society? is it full of ruthless and barbaric sexual predators??? Have all these people lost every sense of respect of women? Are they so overwhelmed by their sick and twisted fantasies that they have lost every sense of humanity? Are they animals? How can you allow yourself to commit such an act where you are killing a person alive and causing her to face mental trauma that will change torment her forever! What is running in the mind of this animals!

To make things worse, The killing of Nurin is so shocking that I could not believe it when I read it..The manner he tortured her is so fundamentally twisted that it can only be the mind of a sick sick sick sick devil. No sound and sane human being could have lost all sense of rationality to commit such a crime! Everyone has their own inner devil...We can never run away from the devils in our heart and mind but our sense of humanity take precedence over anything else. We were never created perfect, WE ARE BORN FLAWED BUT SHOULD STRIVE TO PERFECT OURSELVES!!!! What the Fuck is wrong with these people!

The case of Sharlinie..For those that don't know..A young gal was kidnapped a few days ago..and still missing..It is feared the same Animal that took Nurin is responsible for this barbaric act..I hope and pray god will protect and return her safely back to her family..Let our prayers be with her...When that animal is finally caught he should be tortured and tortured and tortured...death
is no price for him to pay for what he did...

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liyiesther.C said...

sigh* pity the innocent lil girl