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Monday, January 21, 2008


To semua orang Kl!! Yahoo!!! Wednesday has been declared a Holiday..That means we get gaji Buta!! hehehe...One of the things that I love about Malaysia is the holidays we get..since the end November we have been working an average of 4 days a week and there will be another holiday on 1st February (smiles..smiles..smiles....) Sadly this ends at Chinese New Year... :( All good things must come to an end sooner or later right?

Anyway My sincere and Heartfelt Appreciation to 2 Individuals and 1 Group


If not for your street protest and Demonstration...The Indian Community Would not have been so outraged and enraged by 'issues' raised by you..I cannot deny the Hindraf issues has tested our racial sensitivity And Fortunately it never got out of Control..Issues have been brought out in the open and lets hope solution or at least some compromise in particular the demolition of Hindu Temples can be accomplished


Through your continuous effort in 'trying' to assist the Indian Community...what rubbish.. Thanks for Helping yourself...hehe...I would praise MIC on one aspect that is by providing Financial assistance to Indian Student to further their studies but other than that I have to say your actions made Hindraf a success and thus another Holiday...


I have to praise Pak Lah with regard to playing the publicity Game well...He knows how to use the media well also...And Lucky for all those in KL its an election year and thus the fundamental factor that lead to Pak Lah making this decision..He knows how to get in the Good Books of the People but I have to express my gratitude to the State and Federal Government Officials that were instrumental in Demolishing the Hindu Temples...If not for your Gross Disrespect..Hindraf would not have been successful either

In conclusion many parties contributed for all us in the Federal Teritory in particular Hindraf to obtain another Holiday, it never made sense to me that where Thaipusam is celebrated in a Grand Manner which will be in Batu Caves but no Holiday is allocated...So Its another Holiday...Another Day to spend money on movies, on your date, on shopping, on having a fancy dinner...but for me there is a dilemma what to do on Wednesday? crap!

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