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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Good..The Ugly and The Stupid

Second post of the day but do check out my earlier post and check out Raja Petra's Malaysia Today and his recent blog (The link is at the bottom of the earlier post). It's Just mind blowing!

This is a summary of the highlights of yesterday's Star


MPSJ ( Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya) has implemented a dog adoption programme before putting the dogs to sleep. I salute MPSJ for taking such an effort and giving a chance for the innocent dogs to possibly have another chance at life. The Reason why the action of MPSJ should be commended as it involves higher cost and taking an effort to save the life of others including of animals is something that we all can learn from. For more information you guys can check out.

Acts of compassion like this deserves to be termed as The Good.


A 60 year old man was shot not once but TWICE in the leg by dog shooter in Taiping...Poor man was riding back home with his wife when he was accidentally shot in the leg. I have seen dog shooters in action and as i Remember they warn people to stay away. I can't deny that in some cases dog shooters are needed especially in cases where the dogs have rabies or pose a threat to young children but this was a very unfortunate incident thus a really really ugly incident.This act deserves to be termed as The Ugly


My favourite is the Stupid...MAS has recently scrapped its ticket commission for its agents thus the ticketing agents shall now be free to charge a service free...It means MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! Why? Because they are now allowed to charge around 5% of the ticket price...and they can charge more for extra services. As we all good Malaysians know if we don't control or regulate prices it will be CHARGE KAU KAU!! A lot of agents will take an opportunity to charge a higher fee which i believe would be higher than the commission previously given by MAS. As i know MAS did not provide a fixed commission for every ticket sold but based on a performance basis throughout a certain period. Thus you can see the difference of the previous and current commission scheme

Now i shall present the meaning of the word STUPIDITY!! A representative from the travel industry was speaking at some conference and he spoke to the press that with this increase there will be better SERVICE...The headline of the report was BETTER SERVICE WITH TICKET FEE!! So we will be charged more and we are suppose to SMILE because will be obtain better service...The part that really made me laugh if you ask for delivery of tickets don't worry, It will be done but you will pay more for the tickets!! What service do they mean? Hai...Really Stupid lah..Are we that stupid to believe such excuses...

No other words cross my mind except The Stupid


Daphne L said...

thank you for your dropping by again, Falcon (:

and yes, who gives a damn when honesty's the best policy? I mean, if we're afraid of the truth, then what's the truth for?

To be placed as a white elephant?
Sorry :P
not for me.

and yes, Raja Petra is balls.
I mean, HAS balls. :P


Falcon said... balls??thats so funny...

trishey wishey said...

ahhhh premmmmm!!!!!!


how have you been??!!!! it's so nice to see that you're now a BLOGGER.. =D =D i'll link you on my bloggy soon yah..

wow prem!! it's been ages since we all saw each other.. next time you come back, pls let us know lar we all meet up big big gangggggg..

you take care k.. and yes i hate CLP too, you will be topscorer again - don't rub salt in my wounds.. ;p ;p hehe..

JacksonywL said...

yes.. that charging thing.. its stupid.. its like, 'bribing is in the dark, this is in the light' sort of action =.=

3POINT8 said...

hey there,
my good man....let me carry your air ticket with me. Its a compulsory service and I'll charge you for it.
Well, if you choose to pay more, I can laminate your air tic so that its dust-free
yup....right on stupidity!

btw, thanks for visiting my site!

leithiga said...

hey're very mature.nice style of blogging.will link you.