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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A few days ago...I had a very vivid dream of someone very dear to me..When I mean vivid..Damn It was like it really happened and I can imagine it really happening in the future..Are Dreams premonition's of the future? Is it destiny..or fate..or God telling us what is going to happen or is it a sign? Something that we are suppose to follow..something that we are suppose to guide us in making a decision..Maybe..Sometimes dreams have the potential to end up becoming a 'deja vu' situation..Sometimes don't you feel like you have had been in that situation...But you do not not know when? If you think back you may have dreamed of it..I have encountered such situations..

For me dreams are more of the amplification of our inner desire and thoughts..We possess deep hidden thoughts that we don't realize it exist and usually deny its existence..For example my dream was of someone I thought had no more relevance to my life but unfortunately after that night I realized that hiding stuff and denying its existence is never the way to face anything in life...It haunts you in your dream..Bloody Hell...So it looks like a Dream may have more significance than being just a dream...


Teddy said...

u believe dreams as premonitions ah?!
dat sounds scary!!!
something like Final Destination series..

Falcon said...

I believe nothing is impossible...and everything happens for a reason

DolphyN said...

im reallly impressed by ur writing...i think u changed ur style a little compared to wat i've seen u write b4 in ur frenster blog if im not mistaken...anyway miss ya loads...hope ur doing good in kl...haha