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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Taking a taxi or a cab whichever word is preferred is an essential part of people that do not have the luxury of owning a cab or a taxi...I for example would not make taking a cab as my main mode of transport except in cases where there is no better alternative. There are buses and trains for those in the Klang Valley but as we all know the range of the Trains are limited and Buses...I have to compliment the services of Rapid KL..Its efficient and there a regular buses! Kudos to Rapid KL and as i heard there are doing well in Penang also..Penang Buses were far from being comfortable and efficient. The Setback for Buses is that you may not know how long you have to wait for it! Maybe 30minutes or less but maybe more. I hate waiting there not knowing when the buses will be coming.

So taxis comes in to supplement the deficiency of other Public Transport Providers. Taxi's if applying the meter system is reasonable and If you travel in a group of three or four it is cheaper than taking other modes of Public Transport but the part that really pisses me off is Those Lazy and Heartless Taxi Drivers waiting to cutthroat passengers. The Areas that i would like to spotlight:

2. THE KTM station for UPM n UNITEN..I think its the KAJANG KTM

The cab Drivers are ****ing Vulture's and Ruthless. Why? the people coming to this stations are Students and Working Adult, Not Rich and Bighshot CEOs. A normal ride of RM 5 would be RM 15 and the Taxi's at The Kajang Station charge at least RM10. Why Don't they use Meters? Would it kill them to do so. Don't they feel any sense of compassion when they are ripping off Students and Travellers with heavy Bags. How heartless can you be! First don't Bring the excuse of higher Fuel Prices!! You are using NGV not Petrol and you are not Driving around to find Customer but Just Shaking Their Balls and waiting for Customers. I wonder how can they sleep at night knowing they are earning money so dishonestly. Earn and Be Honest. There are so many other taxi drivers that do not cheat, that abide by regulations and Use the damn Meter.. Why not these people.. Something has to be done. Many of you do not know but Taxi Drivers do make a good living if there are honest. Their daily rental these days average around RM 35 to RM 50.. That's maximum 25 trips per day if using their minimum profit of RM 2.00 per trip. That's for the First 3 to 5 years and then they become the legal owners of the car and the rent for the licence would be around RM15 yo RM 20 per day. In KL that means good money! Others areas that do not use the meter:

1. Sunway
2. Bukit Bintang

Something has to be done..For me **** this Vulture's just walk a distance and get a cab driving by..Don't use the cabs parked and waiting to skin you alive..Lets hope some stern action is taken


razrblade said...

Nice blog... BTW thank you for your comments :)

Teddy said...

wat kind of actions?
i dun c the govt doing anything?!
do u?
poor tourists gonna get rip off,
tourism sector gonna crash when they return to their home country n say DONT GO MALAYSIA!!