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Friday, December 28, 2007

Letting Go

A topic that is close to me heart, It is one of my greatest weakness, An event that kills my heart and eventually becoming less of a person. Though you may lose some sense your humanity, in return you gain maturity and propriety in such situations. Humanity? That's a real overstatement but my definition of humanity includes the ability to feel, ability to experience rush of emotions,and the ability to fell alive. What use does it serves to live a life without learning how to love, how to enjoy the small things, having things make you happy and also upset. We were never meant to be born of the heart of stone but with a warm, kind and a loving heart.

Letting someone go is Painful. Nothing else could explain it...its has never been easy and it will never be...We compensate ourselves by telling ourselves that this is for the best..its the best thing to do...and my favourite excuse; 'it is meant to be'...In reality we are scared..scared of something..usually of pain..But in certain situations i have to contradict what have i said earlier that in some situation letting go is the right thing to do...The right thing is dangerous because it is subjective to a person and i always advocate only deciding when you are in a rational state of mind. Why i hate letting go:

1. How can you let go of someone you care

2. How can you let someone come into your life and touch your heart and just leave

3. How can you live knowing that someone you care so much will never be there again

4. How can you open your heart to someone and find out you meant so little

5. It hurts because your heart keeps on thinking and thinking and reminding you of that person

I am amazed with so many people that have no sense of attachment at all, NO SENSE OF ATTACHMENT, they really have born with the heart of stone or life have made them such...surprisingly ME 'the king of attachment' am evolving...but i always remind myself never forget that attachment brings so much of happiness, so much joy and makes my existence more meaningful. Learning how to let go is part of life and is a step from when we move from the Songs of Innocence to the Songs of Experience.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. On the other hand what happens when someone walks into your life and just leaves after 10 years? That really sucks.
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