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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last Weekend was the final episode of Cornetto Love Perhaps..I am not a big fan of the show but I am a big fan of watchin people fall in love..It thinks is the most beautiful thing to happen to a person (Hei..every guy has a soft side k!)...what are the ingredients for two people to fall in love? This is in my opinion the essential ingredients for two people to fall in love...


Attraction is something we can never explain...It is when You are always subconsciously drawn to that 'someone'...You will always tend to look at that 'someone' ...You will always feel like you want to approach that 'someone'...You will always feel that you are only interested to know that 'someone'.... Attraction is nature's way of guiding you to finding that special 'someone'...You might be attracted due to numerous reasons but usually its focused on looks..but sometimes you will get attracted due to that 'someone' personality..Attraction is very powerful and lead you to always looking at that person but beware not to appear perverted like our 'funny man' Kenny Sia


Chemistry is where a couple is compatible with each other..Chemistry keeps the relationship fresh and alive..You will know if you have chemistry where spending time with someone does not turn out to be a suffering event..and THESE THOUGHTS don't cross your mind

1. 'Oh my God What am I doin Here'

2. 'You are so boring'

3. 'I wish I was at home'

4. ' God I hate the way you talk, Please Shut up'

5. 'I wish I was with someone else'

For me Chemistry is when you always have something to talk to that person or share common activites that you and that 'someone' are both fond and enjoy it. Chemistry gives something that 90% of couples i know don't have..That is.......Enjoying each others company...Not only during the 'Hot' season but forever and ever..(yea till you leave this earth)...


This is when you know when you are 'screwed'...Sorry for the term..But this is the point of no return..Where you have developed strong feelings towards that 'someone'...I believe the only way this is possible when you fall for that 'someone' NOT because of looks or money or physical attraction BUT by each day learning about that someone and finding out that you actually love that person for who that person is...Everybody is different...Its hard to accept people with different behaviour, habits and opinions and even tougher to accept that person's 'bad behaviour'....When you truly love that person for who that person is..That is when you know you have found love...

So these are in my opinion the main ingredients of falling in love..If you guys have any other ingredients or thoughts..Do share with me K...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!


MicheGinny said...

Hahaha a good view about it ... however i cant contribute much ... havent got love quite figured out yet!

charmsterk said...

Hmm i never did get to watch the Cornetto Love Perhaps.... but yes i too am a fan of watching people fall in lurrrrrrve.... =)

AND YES wow i agree with u...

1. attraction is indeed one of the main reasons why we fall for someone, either the looks or personality, but in reality, it's more like looks huh. This world has become so artificial but we cant deny that looks does matter...

2. hmm chemistry.. right on... hahaha the way u potray those thoughts are cute.... hmmm hopefully the 'other' person doesnt have the ability to read thoughts, else, we're screwed! LOL

3. omg omg u noe i type this comment box as i read your blog and go along, and i just saw u putting the word 'screwed'. DEJA VU!!! I kid u not LOL... but hey, great minds think alike *wink*

Miss Jojo said...

Good post!! Btw i'm gonna link ur blog coz I think it's good. ^^