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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Every month time i look forward for one simple reason...


Joy fills my heart when i see my account is no longer

Your balance RM 10.00 (Aiyoh)....

So a happy me happily goes to the ATM and happily withdraws cash....

A Happy me jumps in joy when i have this in possession....

Thoughts fly around...what to do with much hope and anticipation...





I am too sad to talk..Money in KL is....

"Now You See"

"Now You Don't"


gerrine chin said...

LoL.. cool~
da crying face make me laugh on da spot! *damn pity looks*
but cheer k! it's like that.. try to think in da other way round, we are just exchanging v money to get da things we want or in short we can't survive without money! LoL.. so spend wisely! *grins*

Nb: i can't reali manage my finance well but juz be able to talk cock~ kekekekekekeee.. '$" is so so irresistible, i can't help myself :(

samantha said...

haha falcon, i feel you on this matter. le sigh. My fifties had been draining off like water like that from my wallet wtf. haha

apple [soul]d out said...

110% agree wif u
money in KL is like chipsmore. =)

Rainer Yong said...

the cushion colour coordination is epic.

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