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Monday, April 7, 2008

I wish

Apparently Dawn looks this way because of plastic surgery...i wonder what she looked previously??.....but i dont care coz i think she looks god damn gorgeous!!!

So i was thinking..if one day i decide to go for plastic surgery..what would i want to change??

Maybe Green Eyes

Maybe Blue Eyes

sorry for being superficial..but it cant hurt looking like this

I know...I know...How about if i surgically enhance my body!!!

I would become Man Candy....

Nah that's too radical...How about something simple Like our own kenny sia

Eh..But he did not go for plastic surgery right??? hehe...

But always beware plastic surgerymay have its side effects

At the end a day love yourself for who you are...Lets all join hands and sing the Joey McIntyre song..Don't you ever wish you were someone else...You were meant ot be the way you are exactly....

Life life with no regrets!!!