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Monday, March 3, 2008

Learning How to say Goodbye!!

In life..We Grow up..When you grow up...things always constantly change...A wise person told me that 'the only constant thing in life is change'..Only change is constant..It makes sense right?

Confession: I thought he was a dumb ass when he told me that!!
Now i regret!

Saying Goodbye is the hardest thing to say in the world..Why? Its always hard to let go..It's hard to accept change..Why should things change..Why??? I have no idea..What we can do is either swim with the change or drown in it...

People come and go...Sometimes we just have to say goodbye..Why? we move to different places..we move to a different stage in life..and my focus for the day when the person becomes a liability to you..Liability in what extent? They bring you hardship..they bring you pain..Or they prevent you from advancing in life..

Or when you bring them more pain and suffering then happiness...

So If we are faced with such a situation..It's better so say goodbye..It's better to leave and move on with life..But i have to emphasize that by saying goodbye..It does not mean goodbye forever unless this happens when you are more than 50 years old..hehe....Goodbye may seem permanent at that moment but one day in the might be different and then the goodbye shall be exchanged with Hello and you might have a fresh start..

When things get to complicated, suffocating and painful..Take a step back..clear your mind and if you need to do it..say goodbye..There is no need to prolong the pain...There is no need to put yourself and the other party in a a negative environment..Life is very beautiful if you open your eyes..

Goodbye is never permanent but necessary for the moment..You never know how life is going to be in the future..How change might prove beneficial to you..learning how to step back and saying Goodbye is a very sad part of life but sometimes it is just necessary!

PS: I got the invitation for the Nuffnang Pajama Party..But what am i Gonna wear? For those that are going..Can you guys share with me whether you guys are gonna comply with the Dress Code???


-popjammerz- said...

i didn't wrote a post on it so of cuz no invitation..haha
i didn't plan to go, too busy.. :(

no time to write blogs as i usually do too~

wei, u just wear a sexy boxers~ :P

rmb to take pictures and update at ur blog...

i'm gonna promote a conference soon, i'll need help from all the nuffnangers~~ :P

i hope u'll be one of them too~ :)

DeSTiNaTioN_oLD_KLaNG_RoaD said...

Hey Prem i am glad to hear that you won the pajama party tickets. So enjoy yourself that night and remember to "shoot" but don't be too gatal and "shoot" randomly :)

-popjammerz- said...

hey prem!!!

i need yoru help~:)

:) pleasea do click in and see..i hope u will be one of them!!:)

Dhanen said...

Hey Prem,

Danny here. Sorry bro jz accessed ur comment on my blog. thanks for visiting.

Ur post on bloggers running in the election was too psikik haha.

cheers mate.