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Friday, March 21, 2008

Politics in the Air

After the recent General election...Malaysia has changed...It has changed with regard to All Malaysians becoming more conscious of their political surrounding..Gone are the days when most Malaysians Didn't care about politics...The 'BN will surely win' attitude is a thing of the past...Malaysians have been actively discussing the politcal Drama of both the Government and also the Opposition..It strikes me the most where the younger generation has also joined by giving opinion and sharing their thoughts on the poltical situation..

Malaysia is changed..It is a sign that we have developed further and taking control of our own destiny..We are not closing an eye and relying on the 'Let it Be' attitude..We have become more vocal and conscious of our rights but where will this lead us? A more fair democracy or another Mei 13..on the night of the election i feared the worst but Now I'm confident that we have grown as a nation and Our Ultimate Priority is a better life...A happier Life..A more Fair and Prosperous Life...

Now a brief look at the political atmosphere...Terengganu is a big slap for Barisan where they have gained the trust of the people when the people of Kelantan were loud and vocal in asking Barisan to 'FUCK OFF'....but are unable to elect a Menteri Besar...I believe that Idris Jusof (hope I got his name Right) is a hero for Providing Barisan with a convincing Victory when so many others have failed..Perlis has made Barisan and UMNO in particular a laughing stock when The opposition in Perak managed to reach a compromise...The oppositon has shown that their focus and priority is still being in the Spirit of a strong and unified opposition while the Power of Position still corrupts the leadership of UMNO...Selangor has seen a new Superstar with Tan Sri Khalid playing a One Man show in running Selangor...But as I remenber All three opposition parties are vital for the oppostion in ruling Selangor especially DAP..If he refuses to Elect a DAP reperesentative as the Deputy Chief Minister then It is a big slap to the DAP and to those that supported them in Selangor..

My Hope and Wish is the Day When Race Is NO Longer A Factor In Politics...

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