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Monday, March 24, 2008


The recent General Election has produce a lot of surprises and now the interference of the Royals in the administration of their respective states. Over the years the Sultans have played a very minor role in the administration of the state merely the role of a figurehead but these General Election has given them a chance to show that the Sultans are still a force that need to be respected. The best example is in Perlis and currently in Terrenganu.

The reason i use the term Royals and not Sultans as the Royal Family has influenced significantly in the Decision of the Sultans.

The Question I would like to ask is whether the royals are still relevant to our Daily life's? Is it fair that they inherit such authority and wealth by the mere fact that they were born to the correct parents? Are we still living in a society that is so feudal where birth right is all Mighty? What about the rest of the Hardworking Citizens who contribute to their luxurious life by our Taxes? Is it Fair? I don't think so when our taxes are Paying for their easy and enjoyable life?

The 2008 election has shown that We Malaysians are tired of being played by those with power and 'Connections'...We want a fair society where benefits are for those that earned their success not given to them with a silver spoon. The idea that the Royal Family is looked to as the saviour and ant Protector of the Malay Race is utter rubbish..What have they done for the Malays? Are they fighting for their rights? No....And why are they better than the rest of us? Is any Common Malay better than them? I believe so....

I Respect the Royals as an institution that has been long respected and Acts as a safeguard to the Constitution but they have their limitation..I acknowledge the Royals have been helpful during times of crisis and provided good example to the people by donating money for example the Royals of Perak and Pahang. However I believe the Royals are suppose to be silent observers and only should interfere when they is a gross breach of the constitution or the rights of the people is violated...The Blatant act of Defiance by the Terengganu Advisory Council is a humiliation to our constitution and to us as a nation..The Royals should learn to act according to their role in the Constitution and Respect the Choice of the Public. The Royals must not Violate the very foundation of our country which is the Constitution! They must remember that this is not the 17th Century...I believe the Outcome of this crisis will be significant and long felt by all.

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