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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


First..So sorry for the long absence..I was on holiday...

Second..The Nuffnang Party was fantastic....I have to mention Dawn Yang is super Beautiful....That may seem an understatement..God Damn Gorgeous..Seeeeeeeeriously!!

Third..The recent General Election has been..I am lost for words...I think the best word would be 'Unexpected'...So now the aftermath....First some soul searching must be done...My focus will be on UMNO...

The recent loss was attributed by many factors but the common thread I have to say is UMNO...UMNO has been the Champion of our nation's Independence but they have forgotten that their strength in the context of Malaysia as a nation is founded on the trust given by all Malaysians off all races through Barisan Nasional...Over the years Umno has become too corrupted with the power and money from running the Government..

Malaysia as we all know but not mentioned is a country where power and wealth comes from 'connections'...The better your contacts the further you move..This is where UMNO plays a very important role..With the power given by us they have monopolized all opportunities for themselves...The Anger of the Chinese Community was not directed at MCA/GERAKAN but UMNO...The Anger of the Indian Community was Directed (Well It is a well known fact...MIC and Datuk Seri Samy) but at UMNO also...It was them who were responsible for the Temple's being demolished...They have gotten too powerful and making way too many ridiculous comments..They have monopolized all government contracts...The Malays not privy to the contracts have deserted UMNO....

UMNO is a Giant down to its knees and if things don't change....which I doubt there will be any change...The Giant will lose its head after the next General Election..The whole philosophy of "Tanpa UMNO Melayu tak Maju" is for the History Books..UMNO is the root of the Evil and If PKR is able to keep PAS and DAP on the same table and adamant on abolishing the NEP then UMNO will be a distant memory..

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